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By Steve Kazella, Verizon Wireless Cell Tower Lease Genius.

We are the company that keeps Verizon Wireless real estate managers awake at night. And we are the Verizon cell tower lease consultants that their real estate site acquisition representatives cry about on their status calls. Why? Because we have been helping property owners like you deal with them successfully for over a decade.

If you are a property owner or cell tower landlord and you have you been contacted regarding by Verizon Wireless regarding a proposal to develop a cell tower on your property, or to put a Verizon cell site on your building's roof, or even lease space for a Verizon Wireless small cell for 5G, you're probably wondering what is the lease going to be worth?

You may also be wondering, is the Verizon Wireless tower leasing acquisition  consultant making me a fair offer, or are they making me a low-ball offer?

What is the fair market rent value of a Verizon cell tower at this location?

Can I find a list of Verizon cell tower rental "comps?"

What is my next step with the Verizon Wireless leasing representative?

Landowners, perhaps you’ve been approached by Verizon Wireless to have an expiring cell tower lease extended for a number of years or a company like American Tower is looking to purchase the cell tower lease rental stream from you and is making you an offer for a perpetual lease buyout or easement?

Need Help With Your Verizon Cell Tower Lease?
Look No Further.  

Verizon Wireless is the leading wireless carrier for the construction of newly built cell phone towers in the USA. A Verizon Wireless cell tower lease is a complex contract that is heavily slanted in favor of the carrier, and not towards you, the landlord or property owner.  One can imagine, that a company like Verizon Wireless is not going to spend upwards of one hundred thousand dollars on legal expenses, design and zoning to get the site approved by your municipality and a few hundred thousand dollars more building a cell tower without a rock-solid cell tower lease in place.

The Partners of Tower Genius, Kevin Donohue and Steve Kazella, are extremely familiar with Verizon's lease agreements, the strategies and tactics that they use in lease negotiations as we both used to work as cell tower site acquisition project managers overseeing hundreds and hundreds (actually more than that) of Verizon cell towers that were built form initial site identification through lease negotiations,  zoning and construction. Our wireless industry insider knowledge can greatly benefit you in a cell tower negotiation with the carrier. 

You should also avoid the 10 biggest blunders property owners make when negotiating a Verizon Wireless Cell Tower Lease Agreement.

Tower Genius Helps Landlords Solve
Verizon Wireless Cell Tower Lease Problems:

  • Lease Valuation for newly proposed Verizon cell towers
  • Help with Review and Negotiation Coaching of Verizon rooftop lease agreements
  • Verizon 5G LTE cell site upgrade assessment and valuation
  • Expiring Verizon tower agreements consultations and review
  • Leas compliance audits of Verizon Wireless cell tower leases
  • Verizon Small Cell leases reviewed and consultation 
  • Verizon cell tower lease buyout offers reviewed 
  • Transactional Coaching When Selling your Verizon rental cash flow

Talk to Tower Genius About Your Verizon Wireless Cellular Site Lease Proposal.

Tower Genius.
Cell Tower Lease Experts who used to lease sites for VZW.

You have a choice to make when presented with a Verizon tower lease agreement. Almost always, property owners and building owners who play hardball with Verizon Wireless leases end up on the losing end of the battle and the carrier often walks away from the deal if there are other potential alternate sites or locations available. It's important to determine how much leverage that you have.

Cell tower leasing is a cat and mouse game. You have to know where you have room to negotiate, and you have to know what language is off-limits to negotiation with Verizon. Most attorneys who have not negotiated any or have only seen very few cell tower leases often times negotiate their clients right out of a deal because of the language they attempt to add or remove from the lease.  These are not typical commercial lease agreements. This is especially true with Verizon Wireless cellular leases.

If you will be negotiating a cell site lease with Verizon Wireless, talk to us first. We have seen hundreds of Verizon Wireless cellular tower and rooftop leases, and we can help guide you to get a fair deal. Our wireless leasing professionals will review and analyze your Verizon lease and can turn around the lease in one business day in most cases with comments for you and your attorney.

We can help you with our cell tower lease transactional coaching expertise helpful for you to negotiate terms that will maximize your revenues and ensure profitable future co-location on your Verizon Wireless cell tower lease.

  -->>Contact us for Verizon Wireless cell tower lease assistance.<<--

Do You Have A Verizon Lease Agreement Question?

Are you a property owner or landlord with an existing Verizon Wireless lease agreement or have you been approached by Verizon Wireless and you have a question about their lease? Let's hear it!

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Lease acquisition  
I am a property owner in NW Montana whereI think a cell tower would make sense, what do I do next?

Existing leases sold from current owner. Im going to be new owner of building. What happens? 
I am in the process of purchasing a building that has tons of Verizon Wireless equipment on the rooftop, as well as 2 modern shed structures in the rear …

service road usage 
Verizon put a service Rd in to have access to tower location. As a landowner can I use that service /access road to gain access to my land to farm, maintain, …

What are Verizon cell tower lease rate values? 
Verizon wireless proposed a cell tower on my relatives land in Reno Nevada. What is the range for a Verizon cell tower lease for monthly or annual rent? …

I signed a lease over a year ago. Then a couple months later I was told that my property was reevaluated and they have no idea when they will be building …

Insurance Policy 
I have a tower with space leased to Verizon and i am trying to locate Verizon insurance holder to get a copy of the Policy.

Cell Phone Tower location in Hana Maui  
14 acre property Next to the Hana airport No cell phone service for the next 40-50 mile radius Please contact me by email kaiolohia1(AT) …

buying land 
I'm going through my due diligence on buying a piece of land to develop and there is a cell tower in the corner. originally, i had no concerns about this …

Tower placement  
I'm interested in investing in land and placing a Verizon tower. The Verizon placement form has its listed criteria of acceptance. Is there a way to get …

New verizon tower near us, wondering if they ever allow anyone to pay a monthly rental fee to attach a wireless backhaul or access point?  
Hoping you might be able to help. If you could help me negotiate a rental agreement, enabling me to start a fixed wireless isp by placing a radio on their …

My grandfather dies a few months back and my mom and aunt were to split his estate. he had a cell tower on one of the property's. it did not state in his …

Verizon not following through 
Verizon called my husband 3 and a half years ago about building a tower on some land he had in Colorado. We did everything they have wanted up to having …

Been a change of ownership 
Been trying to have the payment switched over into my name. sent in Deed copy, W9 form back in early June. Received confirmation it was received. Just …

How much $ 
Got a letter from Verizon they may want to put cell tower on my Bend OREGON property want to know the going monthly lease rate $$ please !

Neighbor has proposed cell tower right across property boundry  
I just found out that the owner of 120 vacant farm acres next to me had a Surveyor out to stake a cell tower location 100 feet from my adjoining property …

How much compensation is fair and for how long? 
Verizon wants to put cell equipment on top of a power pole recently removed, enlarged and relocated on my property. They are offering a one-time payment …

Ball Park lease rates 
We have been approached to lease land to Verizon for a cell tower. What would be a figure I could expect to be offered for a lease on the land?

I have attempted to call Verizon Wireless Properties at 866-862-4404 and have received no return calls, after leaving 17 messages. I am attempting to …

My land is better than my neighbor, who has been approached by Verizon for a cell phone tower. 
My neighbor is in the process of leasing property to Verizon for a communication tower. My property joins his property and consists of 3 acres. I would …

Was our tower sold? 
We have a lease agreement and have had it for around 10 years. It is located in Morristown/Warsaw area in MN. Our payer for snow removal to the site informed …

We are currently in negotiations with Verizon for cell tower placement on our land. We have a 17 acre piece of property. We plan on living there with our …

Update has too when the tower will be installed  
This is Tangier Shriners in Omaha, Ne. at 2823 South 84th Street and we signed a contract in Jan of 2015 to have a tower installed on our location. I …

Change of land ownership 
What address do I use to send a change of ownership to.

New Lease, waiting for my signature. 
Hello, I have a written lease that Verizon is waiting for me to sign. The agreement is for $1200 monthly rental and a 3% annual increase. I live in Tucson …

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Selling the easement rights 
I have been approached three times by Unison Site Management and they have made lump sum offers each time for the easement rights to the Verizon tower …

I have been working w/Verizon on the rental agreement for my building.Verizon has plans to install a single mini tower w/two heads at the rooftop. We are …

Landlord deceased 
The Landlord on the contract is deceased. How do we transfer contract / income to heirs?

Office building cell site 
I am extending the agreement with Verizon on the roof of an office building and want to use a license agreement. Do you know where I can get a landlord-friendly …

Lease renewal - old Verizon Tower 
My lease expired last October. They increased my rent 10% while they were having lawyers draw up new lease. They stalled and now, 1 year later, All numbers …

Free cell service ???? 
Getting close to signing lease agreement. We are satisfied with monthly amount. Just wondering about free cell service for family. One would think it would …

Verizon selling their towers 
What happens to the land owners if Verizon sells their towers to an other company? Can we profit from this or are we going to get screwed?

Fair Deal with Verizon 
Verizon wants to put a 250 Ft. tower on a 100'x100' lot on my property. Their initial offer is $600 a month. Is this a fair deal or should we push for …

Monthly Rental Expectation 
Verizon has contacted me about installing a "mini tower"on my apartment building. what can I expect to get for a monthly rental fee?

We know Verizon is looking for a property in our area... 
We know Verizon is looking for a property in our area, we have quite a bit of land. How do we get in contact with them, or is it by them approaching us …

Verizon interested in installing antennas on our property 
Hi, We have been approached by Verizon about possibly installing "small antennas" on one of our properties. They are basically trying to setup a meeting …

Liability Insurance package, and home mortgage 
Verizon has offered to pay 600.00 for 5yrs. and after that a 10% increase on 100x100 sq. ft. of property. I don't have a picture yet. Verizon wants …

Looking to Acquire a Verizon (or other) Lease Agreement for a New Site 
We have a 361 acre tract of timberland in Rusk County, Texas approximately 6 miles east of Mt. Enterprise (Bounded by CR3230, CR3218, and the East Fork …

Looking at entering into lease 
Questions are about putting a rental agreement together in addition to the lease verizon put together and the 2nd question is about carrying a 1 million …

There is a cell tower on the West side of the street on the 4900 Block of Aurora Avenue North, Seattle WA 98103. There are crows nesting in the tower and …

been contacted by Verizon 
My dad has been contacted by Verizon Wireless to lease some land for a new cell tower . They have gave us a basic contract to look at. Some of it we don't …

Just contacted by Verizon expressing interest in my land 
What is a fair lease rate for a new 4G tower in Tyler TX?

I have a ranch in Wyoming. Verizon would like to put a tower on my land. I am in agreement with the details of the lease, yet there is not a location …

Verizon micro cell lease 
I was told by Verizon Wireless that $500 per month rent is what Verizon is willing to pay for a small 2-antenna cell tower antenna site because it uses …

What is a fair lease payment? 
Have been approached by Verizon to put a 195' tower on our property. There are a handful of towers in the area. How does one figure out what a fair lease …

Looking for comps 
I am the Trustee for land in which Verizon has erected a cell tower (Williamsburg, VA). The lease is for 20 years and will be up in 2020. I would like …

Condo HOA looking at possibility of Verizon Roof Lease 
Our HOA is a non-profit organization and the board would like to know how much could be provided to the HOA if we were to allow Verizon to locate a cell …

free cell phone service 
Verizon wants to place tower on my property, should I ask for free cell phone service for the family?

Neighbor gets tower but Verizon needs to pass my property 
Verizon is negotiating with my neighbor for a tower on his property. My neighbor needs to pass through my property to get to his and so will Verizon. So …

size of the site - LTE  
what is the maximum amount of square footage a single carrier LTE cell site should need?

Click here to write your own.

Verizon Wireless upgrading to fourth-Generation Long Term Evolution (LTE)  
Verizon is expanding my dad's cell site to provide 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) and they informed him that they need his approval. Should he give them …

When do I contact experts in negotiating lease? 
I received a letter around 3 weeks ago from a real estate agent who represented Verizon. The letter indicated that Verizon was interested in finding interested …

Verizon lease requires Liability Insurance for a cell site. Where can I find a company & the best rates? The property is vacant with the exception of …

Change bank deposit - Verizon Wireless 
With whom do I need to speak at Verizon Wireless in order to change my bank routing/account number?

Certificate of Liability Insurance site lease question.  
We have a Certificate of Liability Insurance we received today from Aon Risk Services Northeast, Inc. RE: Verizon Site: DESC Park Ave - 903 E. Pleasantview …

SNDA for an existing location in Bellevue Wa 
Who do we send the request to for a signature on a subordination agreement? (SNDA)

Verizon Cell Tower Locations? 
Verizon Wireless is trying to get coverage in our area in Southern California. We've been Verizon Wireless customers for a long time and we have noticed …

Cellular carrier conflict resolution 
Can Tower Genius help us to resolve an ongoing carrier dispute with Verizon. Our lawyer tried last year to come to a fair conclusion of the matter but …

Verizon is an extended service in my area thru U.S. cellular 
I'm a retired Verizon employee and would like to see the company compete. I live almost on the top of South Mountain in Maryland close to Interstate I-70. …

Cost for an easement 
Verizon has cellular antennas on the building next to ours. In order to access this building they have gone through our property and are using a 75'X3' …

Can Verizon Wireless Pay me a fair market value for my tower lease? 
I wanted to know why Verizon Wireless can pay out $10 Billion to their two owners Vodafone and Verizon, but barely wants to share their wealth when leasing …

Verizon wants to lower the payment Amount. 
I have a 7 acre tract that Verizon has leased for a Cell Tower site in Galveston County ,Texas. The lease is for 6 ,5 year terms.It started in 2007. The …

Verizon Wireless lease rates 
I have a business associate in New York who is getting $30,000 per year, $2,500 monthly on a ground tower lease from Verizon Wireless. I also have another …

Cell tower attorney 
Is Tower Genius a law firm? I figured that hiring a cell tower attorney would be the best way to understand what my Verizon Wireless rental contract says. …

Lease Amounts 
We were approached with Verizon wanting to put a tower on the land, They are wanting to pay $700.00 a month for 5 years, and go up ten percent after that. …

Rural Lease for Verizon Tower 
Is there a range in term of monthly lease amount in rural Mississippi area on land lease for a verizon tower?

Verizon Lease 
Verizon wireless had contacted us regarding a cell tower that they wish to put their antennas on. They only offered us $500 to lease ground space, when …

regarding a pending contract 
Verizon will not do any core testing until they have a signed contract which has blank exhibit A & B and no commencement and execution dates. What is …

Adjacent landowner impact 
I am proposing to build a water tower that might block the transmission of a cell tower. Are there any rights and/or restrictions on adjacent uses if …

What issues could there be? 
Verizon has contacted our non-profit and is looking to place a 140' tower on our property. Lease is $10,000 per year with a 10% increase every 5 years. …

what are the average rates for my area 
I have been approached by Verizon to lease some ground to put a ground tower on. Roughtly 300 to 350 feet tall. It is located in northwest Tennessee in …

Verizon LTE upgrade on my rooftop 
I was contacted by Verizon Wireless who wants to do a modification to their cell site and upgrade their existing antenna site at my building in Newark, …

How long should one wait on verizon to build  
I have been waiting for 3 years they can not make their minds up. I have someone wanting to buy property. I keep waiting and I keep getting no information …

Verizon Wireless small cell lease 
Is there a difference in the value of a mini cell or micro cell rooftop site deployed by Verizon Wireless? I am located in the NJ/NY Metro area and I was …

Is this Verizon offer fair? Brooklyn, NY 
I currently have T mobile on my roof, with the whole platform assembly, paying 1350+ per month.. I was approached by a rep who wants to get Verizon …

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md7 trying to renegotiate 
The tower is 4 years old. It was a high priority location for verizon. They are requesting a substantial rent reduction and terms change to equipment …

Depository Bank 
With whom do I need to request a change in the bank depository for SunCity West, Georgetown, TX? Jerry Stephens (512) 869-2624

Tower available, Dublin, central Texas 
Tower available in Dublin, central Texas area. 202 foot tower in a good location Please contact me at 254-396-4241

Contact for Church Wireless Tower Placement 
I would like to speak with a Verizon agent that places cell towers. Our church in Cheltenham, PA (Holy Trinity) is at one of the highest point in the area. …

selling my house with a cell tower 
I would like to sell my house and property that my verizon tower sits on. In my contract, It states that Verizon has first right to a sale. I need to …

Copy of Verizon Contract 
I am needing to get a copy of the lease Agreements with Verizon Wireless for our Cell Tower Lease.

interested in a verizon lease agreement 
I want to know the pro's and con's in allowing a tower to be on my property. I have approximately 5 acres of land and I project to continue to only use …

Additional carriers 
I currently own a site in Lancaster California. Verizon has a tower located on this site. I'm looking for additional carriers who might be interested …

Land for lease for cell tower 
I am a cell phone customer and the service is not very good. I have 50 acres of land that I will lease all or some if you would consider putting up a cell …

Please change my lease name from Russell Shaw to Marjorie Shaw as he is deceased.My Telephone number is 812 340 3221. My new address is 55 Bedrock Ct …

Approached by letter. 
Did I make a mistake by signing this?


Verizon Wireless Cell Tower Lease Rates 2021? Not rated yet
What are Verizon Wireless cell tower lease rates in 2021? What are Verizon Wireless cell site lease rates in 2021 for rooftop sites? What are Verizon …

I currently own land with a current Verizon Cell Tower on the Property Not rated yet
I purchased a home in which an existing Verizon cell tower was located on the property. However, the lease was in a previous owners name and she was not …

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One Call Does It All!

Tower Genius is neither an agent, sub-agent, re-seller, contractor or sub-contractor for Verizon Wireless or any other wireless carrier. We are an independent wireless telecommunications consulting firm that provides property owners with wireless lease consulting and transactional coaching services. If you need to contact the carrier directly, just Google them or visit Verizon's website.

Remember...  Don't expect Verizon Wireless to tell you how to maximize your cell tower lease or what lease provision needs to come out or be added to your tower lease agreement. Tower Genius can help you attain great results with your Verizon Wireless cell site lease negotiation.
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