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Cell Tower Lease Experts were once hard to find online. Most of our competitors with the exception of two firms have been offering this type service for less than 6 years and have little to no experience developing and leasing cell towers. The majority of  our competitors worked almost exclusively in the cell tower "lease optimization, rent reduction or lease buyout" side of the industry for a year or two before going out on their own and claiming to be "cell tower lease experts" -- and we use that term very loosely in 2024. Before you hire a cell tower expert, before you ask they what they charge for fees, you may want to ask them if they have any conflicts of interest? What we mean by that is, do they work for any of the telecom carriers or tower management or tower development companies on the side? Do they get any fees or incentives from them? The big question isn't what this cell tower lease expert charges for services. Our question to you is what does it cost you if you hire a cell tower consultant that has conflicts of interest to represent you?

"Remember... A cell tower lease expert who provides services for both sides of the deal isn't going to work in your best interest."  
-- (Ancient Cell Tower Saying)

cell tower lease experts



  • Known to be slippery, like a stinky wet fish covered in very cheap snake oil.
  • Often talk faster than a bad used car salesman on Red Bull.
  • Many "lease experts" have half the experience they claim, and many have major conflicts of interest.
  • Some cell tower landlords have found that it's easier to nail jello to the wall than to get a straight answer about what fees they charge.
  • After speaking to some cell tower consulting experts, you may feel that you want to soak your iPhone in hand sanitizer after you get off the phone with them.
  • Most "cell tower experts" have flashy websites, nice tailored suits, fake customer reviews, and could be moonlighting on the side as Calvin Klein underwear models.


  • We Offer Straight Sound Advice for Cell Tower Landlords.
  • Integrity & Unmatched Cell Tower Leasing and Tower Development Experience.
  • For Haggle-Free Pricing Call Tower Genius at 1-888-313-9750. We've helped many hundreds of Happy Cell Tower Clients Since 2008.
  • The Partners of Tower Genius are the kind of  guys you could invite over to your home for  Thanksgiving Dinner, it's like having an uncle in the business.
  • Okay, they got us here. We aren't going to be winning any wireless industry beauty contests, but we beat them hands down everywhere else.
Cell Tower lease expertsTower Genius.
Because sometimes a "lease expert" isn't enough.

Tower Genius LLC is the premier cell tower lease consulting firm in the United States. The depth of experience Tower Genius' two Partners is unmatched. It seems everyone is calling themselves a "cell tower expert."  If you are a property owner, building owner or cell tower landlord reading this page, you are probably trying to figure out how to get the best deal on your proposed lease or on your current tower lease extension proposal, and figure out who is the real deal, and who is the circus monkey with the plastic banana. If you called one of our competitors and felt your blood pressure going up, or if felt that you were being spoken down to by the "all knowing telecom lease expert", and if you felt like you needed to wash your hands after putting down the phone receiver, chances are that you weren't talking to a "cell tower leasing expert", just somebody pretending to be one.  

Or... If you felt like you just walked out of a used car dealership after calling one of the plethora of so-called cell tower lease consultants out there, and found yourself shaking your head in frustration, you may have been talking to a former recycled stock broker, reefer smoking surfer, or mediocre attorney who never passed the bar exam, but you certainly weren't talking to somebody with any real life tangible cell tower infrastructure leasing or tower development expertise, who actually leased, zoned and oversaw construction of thousands of cell towers.

Or even worse yet... If you called one of the flashy cell tower lease expert website companies and they sounded like they were reading from a script, and they did not come across as knowledgeable as their website make them appear to be, you were probably talking to somebody who worked for one or two of the infamous cell tower lease buyout companies or one of the industry bottom feeding companies that specialized is cell tower rent reductions and lowering cell tower lease rents for landlords, but you certainly weren't talking to an industry expert. 

Sometimes, a cell tower consultant or cell tower lease expert just isn't enough. You need to consider raining the bar and talking to a Telecom Lease Genius (TM) at Tower Genius (TM).

Yes, it was a bit tongue and cheek, but hopefully you see where we are coming from. There are lots of cell tower "consultants" or cell tower "lease experts" and even a few slip and fall attorneys claiming to be cell tower leases experts. 

Pricing and rates and fees are a big mystery when you call them. The Airwaves are full of charlatans, so you need to choose your advisors wisely. And truth be told, there are really only a less handful of qualified professional people who truly understand the ins and outs of cell tower leasing from a landlord's perspective, half of whom are partners of this company.

Steve Kazella and Kevin Donohue the Partners and Owners of Tower Genius at the top cell tower landlord transactional coaches and lease consultants in the United States. Ask us literally anything you need to know about your cell tower lease proposal or agreement. We can help.

We are open for business Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM Eastern to 6:00 PM Central.

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