Is Your T-Mobile Cell Tower Lease Above or Below Fair Market Rental Value?


Questions About T-Mobile Cell Tower Lease Rates?

By Steve Kazella, Recovering ex-T-Mobile Site Acquisition Specialist.

Does your T-Mobile cell tower lease keep you awake at night? Are you wondering if you are getting fair market rent for your T-Mobile cell site? Is T-Mobile proposing a new cell tower at your property and are you wondering if the rental price and terms they are offering are fair? Is T-Mobile upgrading your cell site to 5G, swapping out antennas, adding RRH or RRU equipment and you are not sure if they you are  able to increase your rent? Do you have T-Mobile and Sprint on the same rooftop or cell tower and you are wondering what the future has in store for your monthly cell site rental payment? Do you have questions about T-Mobile cell tower lease rates and want to make sure you are getting fair market value for your rooftop lease? Is T-Mobile trying to get you to agree to a cell site lease rent reduction or rent guarantee on a rooftop lease or on a T-Mobile ground lease and at the same time attempting to extend the lease? Are they threatening to exercise their termination rights if you don't consent? We need to talk. Call Tower Genius at 1-888-313-9750. 

If you have been approached about a T-Mobile Cell Site Lease on your rooftop or you have been contacted by a T-Mobile site acquisition representative about building a cell tower on land that you own, your attorney is probably not going to be able to provide you any industry guidance. You should seek guidance from an industry expert like ourselves.

If T-Mobile has approached you about upgrading their cell site to 5G and they are repacking or adding antennas, they are going to potentially going to add additional weight and wind load to your tower (especially if you own the steel structure this is important) so you need to make sure that your lease allows you to obtain additional rent for expansion.

If you are uncertain about what your T-Mobile lease agreement says about this, you should speak with us ASAP, since T-Mobile is aggressively expanding their cellular network across the United States.  

Tower Genius Guides 
Landlords and Property Owners of

T-Mobile Cell Tower Lease Agreements. 

Ask us a question about your T-Mobile lease.

Tower Genius provides the absolute best T-Mobile Lease Review and Cell Tower Lease Transactional Negotiation Coaching Services available for property owners and landlords in the United States.

  • T-Mobile 5G Upgrade Amendments - Consulting
  • T-Mobile 5G Antenna Modifications - Technical Review
  • New Proposed T-Mobile Rooftop Cell Site Leases - Coaching Consulting
  • New Proposed T-Mobile Ground Leases - Valuations
  • Selling Your T-Mobile Lease Rental Stream - Offers Reviewed 
  • T-Mobile Cell Tower Lease Extensions - Valuations and Consultations  
  • T-Mobile Cell Site Lease Extensions - Strategic Transactional Coaching
  • T-Mobile Subleasing and Collocations - Lease Review Consultations 
  • T-Mobile Rooftop Lease Compliance Audits - Coaching and Guidance
  • T-Mobile Lease Buyout Offer Analysis - Valuation and Reports
  • Expiring VoiceStream leases and Omnipoint Leases - Consultations 
  • T-Mobile Rent Reduction, and Lease Optimization Assistance - Answers 

Although we are not affiliated with T-Mobile, as former T-Mobile (OmniPoint VoiceStream) real estate site acquisition consultants dating back over 20 years, we have seen plenty of their leases, and we know what language they can live with in a cell tower lease, and kind of cell tower lease rates they are willing to pay.

We recently helped a landlord who turned around a T-Mobile cell tower lease on a rooftop site in New York where they were able to increase their monthly rental from the building owner's original offer by OVER 80%.  This type of scenario is common as T-Mobile uses 3rd party subcontractors to help secure ground and rooftop leases.  The lower the rent that the leasing agent contractors can bring in a deal to the carrier for, the higher their bonus or commission.

T-Mobile landlords, I think you should call Tower Genius.

We’d like to talk to you about helping you to review and guide you with negotiating your T-Mobile cell tower lease! Tower Genius strategic coaching and consulting services can help landlords win at the T-Mobile cell site lease negotiating table. Talk to a T-Mobile lease expert today at 1-888-313-9750.

Want to Get a T-Mobile Cell Tower Built on Your Land?

Every year we get over 1,000's of requests from individuals who are interested in having a cell tower placed on their land. If you are a property owner and you are interested in having T-Mobile build a cell tower on your site, there are things that you can do to improve your chances of site selection. To find out more click here.

Tower Genius is neither an agent, sub-agent, re-seller, contractor or sub-contractor for T-Mobile  or any other wireless carrier. We are an independent wireless telecommunications coaching and consulting firm that provides property owners with wireless lease review and transactional negotiation coaching services. If you need to contact T-Mobile directly we have provided a link to their website by clicking here.

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