Negotiating a Cell Tower Lease
Can Be a Terrifying Experience...
Without Tower Genius.


Negotiating a cell tower lease on your own? Landlords and property owners... if you have been approached by a cellular carrier to build a cell tower on your property or mount cellular antennas on your rooftop, and you are about to get started with negotiations or are currently in the process of cellular lease negotiations, we would ask you to take a minute, and read our cell tower lease negotiation timeline below, and we sincerely hope it will SHOCK you and scare you straight.

You have been approached by a wireless phone company trying to rent space on your property...

Using you attorney on the road to life so far has been beneficial...

But now you are entering a different world,  the underworld of Telecom leasing.

Your counsel has guided you through house closings, wills, divorces, litigation.... and they have served you well. They may even have become your friends.

But now they are trying to guide you on an unfamiliar path, a path where dangers unknown to them exist.

The cell phone carriers and cell tower management companies are large, powerful, fast, ferocious beasts. They devour even the best real estate developers. They speak a language foreign to 99% of all attorneys... They speak Telecom Legalese. 

When you think you are ready to finalize your cell tower lease agreement with the carrier, you will have realized that you have taken a very wrong turn in your cell tower lease negotiations, and that  it is too late for you to turn back.  The carriers seem to be all around you, and directing you on how you will proceed.

You will try to out maneuver them at that point, but it is too late.

And just when you slip, and need nothing more than a simple helping hand, they will attack, and devour your attorney, as well as force their will, and cell tower lease terms, and schedules on you, whether you like it, or you don't.

They are larger, faster and more organized than you can imagine. They have been preying on landlords and property owners like yourself for over 30 years.

But this is not how it has to end for you. You have a choice to change your destiny. You can simply call Steve Kazella, from Tower Genius and ask him any question about Negotiating a Cell Tower Lease, at  1-888-313-9750. He is know simply in the Wireless Leasing Industry as "The Cell Carrier Slayer."

Negotiating a Cell Tower Lease - Contact Tower Genius.

Disclaimer... Tower Genius does not provide legal advice. No one here is a cell tower attorney or pretends to have a law degree. However, we get calls just about every week from attorneys who need our expertise and assistance to help them review and teach them how to negotiate cell tower leases for their clients.

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