Md7 and BlackDot:
Lease Optimization Analysis
& Help For Cell Site Landlords


We love Md7 and Blackdot also known as BLVCKDOT because they've caused hundreds of cell tower landlords to call us for assistance over the years. Md7 and Black Dot are likely to be calling you if you are a wireless landlord if they haven't contacted you already. And it ain't no love letter they are sending you... So you get a letter in the mail from one of the consultants at one of the aforementioned Lease Optimization firms representing a wireless carrier renting ground space or rooftop space from you, chances are they are either T-Mobile Sprint, AT&T or Verizon Wireless, and they want to lower their operating expenses at your cell site.

Landlords, is this is the look on your face? OK... What is lease optimization and how does Md7 and BlackDot Wireless affect me and should we take their offers seriously?

Offers from Md7 and Blackdot

What is a cell site landlord supposed to do about the constant calls, letters and seemingly high pressure offers from Black Dot and Md7? Let me use the "mold and mildew" analogy. Both mold and mildew are really annoying. Rub it out with some bleach and they go away for some time, but then they always pop up when  least expected. It's just something that you have to manage and live with, um... if you have a cell tower lease :-) .

•    Well, Lease Optimization is just what it is says it, cell site lease optimization for the cellular carrier, not for you. It is a process where the carrier requests a better set of rental terms for themselves because the cell site is now "less needed" or possibly risking becoming obsolete due to other available cell tower sites, 5G technology advances or due to mergers and potential consolidation in the industry. And as a result they expect big concessions on the part of the landlord or they let you know that they might exercise their right to terminate the lease. MD7 and Black Dot Wireless make their money by saving money, reducing operating costs for their clients who happen to be AT&T, T-Mobile Sprint and Verizon Wireless.

•    A Rent Holiday is probably not the holiday vacation you had in mind or would enjoy. Nobody is buying you drinks at the wireless tiki bar. The cell tower lease goes on holiday for several years, and does not send you any rent checks until their holiday is over, or send you reduced payments. Yay.

•    We compare the Rent Guarantee offered by Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, T-Mobile and AT&T to legalized protection money. If you agree to take less rent on your cell tower lease, they will guarantee to keep paying your rent for X-number of years, and guarantee that they won't terminate your cell tower lease or take down your cell tower.
A few years ago these letters were no more than a threat and scare tactic so that land and building owners would reduce the rental rate at a particular cellular site. Today, however due to the deployment of 5G these letters are starting to carry a bit more weight and need to be looked at closely by an industry professional, like us.

What are your options with
Black Dot and Md7?

  • You can take your chances with Md7, do nothing and ignore them.
  • You can hedge your risk and sell the future rental payments to your cell tower lease to protect some of the value of your cell site.
  • You can evaluate the lease optimization offer Blackdot is offering, and make an educated decision as to how you will move forward.
  • You can't throw them off your rooftop, and besides, you might injure your back and my friend Mr. Manners would probably tell you that is bullying and it's certainly not proper etiquette.  
  • At the end of the day, Blvckdot Vision, Black Dot Wireless and Md7 are simply providing their carrier clients with a value service, they are paid to reduce costs for carriers like Verizon AT&T and T-Mobile. And they have saved these companies millions of dollars in reduced rental payments every year.

Evaluate Your Cell Site or Cell Tower Location.

To properly deal with Md7 or Black Dot properly you will need to first evaluate the probability that your rooftop cell site or cell tower will be relocated -- or not. Tower Genius helps evaluate cell site lease renegotiation and restructuring offers from Md7 and BlackDot by providing the following professional services to wireless landlords:

Review aerial maps to evaluate the sites location, its potential RF coverage and to identify any existing sites that a carrier may consider for location.

  • Review the local municipal codes to assess the difficulty and costs required to locate the site 
  • Review a tower and antenna location database to see how other carriers are providing coverage in the area 
  • Check to see if any new tower applications have been filed with the local municipality that may impact the existing location 
  • Review the existing lease agreement to see how it compares with recent market and industry trends and values
  • Review the various options being presented by the carrier and/or their Blackdot or Md7 representative to evaluate any potential options 
  • Utilize industry assets to establish the carriers coverage plans in your geographic area 

 We Can Help. Contact Tower Genius.

After this is accomplished you can plan a course of action either rejecting Blackdot's or Md7's proposed terms or negotiating the deal that is in your best interests. To not perform these tasks is like showing up for a Physics exam without studying. It is the only way for a landlord to protect themselves and to be able to negotiate your lease agreement from a position of strength.

Md7 and Blackdot are hired guns for the cellular carriers to help them reduce their operational costs regardless of whether you like it or not. And unfortunately for you, both Md7 and Blackdot are very good at what they do, which is reducing the rent that you and the carrier originally agreed to in your cell tower lease.

We have helped stressed-out Owners and Landlords nationwide understand the nature of these proposals and determine the best course of action in responding to these carrier proposals to be able to renegotiate the terms of their cellular leases.  Landlords, maybe it's time to speak with an Md7 and BlackDot Hired Gun... A Telecom Lease Genius.

We'd like to be your hired guns. Call Tower Genius toll free, Monday to Friday, 9AM - 6 PM Central Standard Time at 888-313-9750 so we can help you to evaluate the lease restructuring deal they are offering and to protect your investment long term. 

Sick To Your Stomach Over Your Cell Tower? How Do You Spell Relief?

T-o-w-e-r  G-e-n-i-u-s  


Tower Genius is a independent and carrier neutral  cell tower lease consulting firm which assists wireless landlords with cellular leasing matters. We are not affiliated with the Md7 and Blackdot companies. Please contact them directly if you need to speak with them about your cell phone tower lease or rooftop cell site leases.
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