Concealed Cell Towers


What are concealed cell towers and why are concealments so important you may ask?
With an increasing resentment to the “visual pollution” of cellular antennas, city ordinances and zoning regulations are becoming stricter in allowing tower siting. With the increasing number of internet ready mobile phones and increasing populations in high density cities, the demand for cellular coverage is increasing exponentially.

Tower companies are finding it harder and harder to get approval for constructing towers, whether on rooftops or along side roads. Residents want the cellular coverage without unsightly towers polluting their city.

Benefits of Cell Site Concealment

This is where concealments come in. Hidden cell sites, or  concealments hide the “visual pollution” of towers in their natural environment. Concealments are designed to match the existing architecture while providing little to no decibel loss in signal strength. Concealments match beauty in the environment with cellular reception strength.

Professional concealments, like those that Peabody Concealments design and fabricate, are aesthetically pleasing due to architectural matching, make cellular towers virtually invisible to the public, and help tower companies pass strict city ordinances and get approval for construction of their towers.

Peabody Concealment

has been specializing and excelling in the concealment industry for over 14 years. Peabody Concealment, the experts in concealed cell towers, has yet to receive a concealment job they cannot match and complete.

Here are a few great examples of recent jobs that were completed by Peabody Concealment:

Water Tower Cell Site
Brick Wall Cell Site
Country Club Cell Tower
Clock Tower Cell Tower

Leasing sites with proposed concealed antennas should generate above market level rental prices for landlords. Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile Sprint, DISH Wireless and US Cellular are all equally concerned with integrating new cell sites into the communities they serve.  Make sure you talk to an industry professional when negotiating a cell tower lease for once of these sites. Talk to Tower Genius to maximize your values and get the language and terms that make it worth your while to have a cell site concealment on your property.

Contact Tower Genius about leasing concealed cell towers.

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