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Shocking Truth About Cell Tower Lease Buyouts They NEVER Tell Landlords!


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Welcome to our cell tower lease buyouts blog page. What's the shocking truth about cell tower rental stream purchase offers and cell site lease buyout offers they NEVER tell landlords? Selling your cell tower lease rental stream can provide landlords who have cellular tenants with significant cash lump sum payouts. At the end of the day, everyone has their own reason why they may be looking to sell their cell site leases -- or hold onto them.


*** On the advice of his attorney, cell tower landlord owner "Lucky" called Tower Genius in 2021 just a few days before finalizing her sale with a 7-figure lease buyout offer in hand.  Lucky figured that she had negotiated a great deal for herself and actually did a pretty good job all things considered. But after speaking with Managing Partner Kevin Donohue for thirty minutes, Lucky the Cell Tower Landlord realized that she actually had no way of verifying if the deal she had negotiated was truly the best price, or if she was possibly leaving some money on the table, and Lucky hired Tower Genius to help advise and coach her and her attorney through the cell tower lease buyout transaction. That initial 30-minute Tower Genius consultation ended up increasing the final sales price that Lucky received by over  $700,000. (I guess after this we need to say "results not typical" -- but you get the idea.

Cell Tower Lease Buyouts in 2024

The six or seven figure cell site lease buyout question facing cell tower landlords and rooftop cell site landlords is whether to keep collecting rental payments from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular,  Vertical Bridge, American Tower, Crown Castle or SBA Communications, or transfer the financial risk of the rapidly evolving cellular technology getting phased out, and cell towers possibly becoming obsolete or less valuable before the expiration of your lease agreement.

Are some sites more at risk of obsolescence than others? If cell towers may become obsolete at some point, why are investors still willing to pay large payments for them? Selling your cellular site lease is truly the only way to hedge your risk against losing the site to carrier consolidation and the possibility of the cell tower becoming obsolete due to future changes in technology, such as the mass deployment of 5G antenna nodes.

When you agree to sell your rental stream or cell tower buyout offer for 15X or 17X multiple of what your current annual rent is, you are betting that there is a possibility that the cell tower rent will be less or non-existent in the next fifteen or seventeen years, and you are transferring that risk from you to the buyer.

This begs the question, if the cell tower is possibly “going away” in the future due to 5G, 6G etc. or other technology advances, why on earth would they want to buy your cell site lease from you? Buyers of rooftop cell site leases and cell tower leases can spread this risk and will either hold or possibly re-sell your cell site lease at a future date for a profit or loss. However, let the seller beware... you are swimming in shark infested waters. Make sure you don't become a cell tower shark's next meal.

So Many Confusing Cell Phone Tower Lease Buyout Offers, Get The Facts Before You Sell a Cell Site Lease.

Cell Site Lease Buyout Genius poster for Tower Genius. Selling a cell tower lease ? Call Tower Genius at 888-313-9750.

As a cell tower landlord you are probably getting multiple lease buyout  calls and multiple lease buyout offers from third party financial firms that purchase rooftop wireless lease rental streams and cell phone tower leases. If your Verizon Wireless lease, AT&T lease, or T-Mobile lease was  assigned to  tower management companies in the vertical real estate industry  like American Tower, Crown Castle or SBA Communications, they are probably contacting you regularly for a lease extension, and those offers usually contain the option of selling the rights to the lease to them for a perpetual easement or one-time lump sum payment or on a payment schedule of five or ten years.  You may be getting calls to sell your lease or extend the lease from companies like Md7, BlackDot or the Lyle Company. Recently many cell tower landlords have been contacted by a new company called Everest Infrastructure Partners and wondering if the offer is viable? The #1 question that we get almost every day from cell site landlords is, "How do I know that I'm getting a good deal on a cell site buyout offer?"

You're probably trying to differentiate between the real bona fide buyout offers and whether or not you should consider them, or are they merely shallow attempts to get you to talk to one of their sales representatives?

If your cell tower rent is undervalued, what's the fair market rental rate you should be getting, or should you wait until your lease is nearing expiration to renegotiate or extend the lease or speak with them about their purchase offer now? 

Cell Tower Lease Buyout Consultant

Pants on Fire

How do you know that your  "Strategic Relocation" consultant, your cell tower lease buyout sales representative or "VP of Lease Acquisitions" consultant is lying to you? Well of course, because their mouth is moving!

All humor aside, here are some of the biggest lies about the cell tower lease buyout industry that we will expose here for you to consider. 

  • LIE #1.  This lie is told by the same companies offering a "Rent Guarantee" or a "Lease Optimization Program" that work as third party lap-dogs for the major carriers and cell tower management firms, and are also in the cell site lease buyout business and will offer to purchase your lease.  The #1 LIE that they tell cell tower landlords is,  "If you don't give us a 25% rent reduction, the carrier will remove the tower."  There is a very tiny bit of truth to this lie, which makes it a good lie. The truth is, that less than 1% of cell towers end up getting decommissioned or moved. There is a 99% chance or better that yours is not one of those cell towers.
  • LIE #2. This is a lie told by the majority of the cell tower lease purchase companies that have telemarketers calling you, send you emails to solicit you to sell your cell tower lease to them, and also mail you all sorts of junk mail. "We will market your site and split the revenue with you on any new carrier tenants that we bring to your tower." Here is a summary of their marketing plan.  The truth is, that the commissioned sales people trying to get you to sell your cell tower lease are reading a sales script. If you have a 100' x 100' fenced in lease Premises on your land with plenty of interior room available for additional equipment, why would a wireless carrier agree to lease space outside of the fence? And if your building rooftop would work for other wireless carriers, they would already be there, or they are already providing coverage and don't need your rooftop, or they will find it on their own and  you could keep 100% of the rent instead of 60% of the rent.
  • LIE #3. This is a lie told by some of the well-known Telecommunications Lease Buyout Firms you know by name, and many of the smaller cell tower brokers. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the two firms, but they often time have the same lie in common. "There are no hidden fees." The truth is that many of these firms have secret back-room deals with their end-users that pay them a few points in addition to any cell tower brokerage fees, or commissions that they charge you up front. Many but not all of these companies double-dip make a commission on the front and the back of the transaction. Sometimes the back end fee does not come out of your purchase price, and sometimes it does. The seller will probably never find out. 

There are many more items that we could list here, but we hope that you get the point. Honesty and integrity are in short supply, and this sub-industry is self-regulated. We are one of the good guys in the lease buyout industry, and we would like to earn your business. Bring us your best offer.



Yes... you read that correctly. But the brain dead telemarketers and cold callers who are telling you to sell and who are reading a sales script do not understand the reason. Do not argue with them. If you have questions about why we predict most of rooftop cell sites in big cities will become obsolete in the not too distant future, talk to us. Call 888-313-9750. We believe there is a limited window to transfer the risk.

WARNING: Do Not Sell Your Rooftop Cell Tower Lease Rental Stream Until You Talk To The Owners Of Tower Genius. 

We can't stress this enough. Over the years we have had several disturbing and shocking conversations with wireless landlords who have sold a cell tower lease or cell site revenue stream without the proper guidance.  Many of the so-called wireless industry experts in our industry have questionable business ethics, or major conflicts of interest. This holds true especially for the some of the so-called "independent" cell tower consulting "lease experts".

Tower Genius is the USA's premier cell tower lease consulting and coaching firm. We can help you to evaluate your offers and provide you with the guidance that you need to maximize your deal, and we can also assist your attorney in the finer points of the transaction that they probably had not ever considered. 

Tower Genius is an independent landlord advocacy and cell tower lease consulting firm founded by cellular leasing industry experts with nearly 50 years of combined cell tower site development and leasing experience.  We talk to dozens of cell tower landlords every month, and regularly review tower buyout offers to help landlords understand these proposals and maximize their transactions if they have decided to sell. Our Partners have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Cranes, The New York Times and other major publications about cell towers and trends in wireless infrastructure. 

We can also help you with any technical or lease related questions you may have regarding your cell towers or cell sites.

Tower Genius 1-888-313-9750
Don't Get Burned On A Cell Tower Lease Buyout.

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