Steve Kazella & Kevin Donohue,
Have Been Helping Cell Tower Landlords Since 2008.



Tower Genius LLC, we are not just cell tower lease experts. We are cell tower lease alchemists. We have been helping cell tower landlords and property owners turn cell tower leases into gold since 2008. Do you need help with a cell tower lease proposal? Did you know that 85% of cell tower lease “experts”,  have never leased, zoned or built a cell tower? Actually, most of them used to work for the cell tower lease buyout companies, or on the rent reduction aka “lease optimization” side of the business, and have zero technical industry knowledge.

Tower Genius Can Help.

My name is Steve Kazella, one of the two Partners here at Tower Genius LLC. That's me as a kid in the goggles up above. I always wanted to drive race cars like Richard Petty, and instead found myself working for a big rental car company. Not really what I had dreamed about as a kid. Fortunately I rented a car to a individual who happened to lease and develop wireless telecom sites for Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. And just like that, a month later  I ended up working in the cell tower leasing industry.  Fast forward twenty-one years, our company, Tower Genius LLC the USA’s premier wireless lease consulting and transactional coaching firm and we have been helping people just like you make sense of their cell tower leases since 2008. We've reviewed thousands of cell tower leases and have helped countless cell tower landlord clients get great deals and most importantly fair and balanced lease agreements and amendments  on their Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile Sprint, US Cellular, SBA Communications, American Tower and Crown Castle leases.

So what are the 3 magic words that can help you to get a great deal on your cell tower lease agreement? Whether you have just been contacted to put up a brand new cell tower on your property, or if the tower management company is extending or offering to purchase your lease, if you are renegotiating a cell tower or rootop cell site lease, or you are thinking about a cell tower lease buyout offer to sell your cell tower lease revenue stream for cash, there are three magic words that you need to remember.  

Are you overwhelmed, frustrated or do you get the feeling like this cell tower leasing stuff is a little bit out of your league? Don't feel bad, you are like 99% of cell tower landlords including many very sophisticated real estate professionals. If you have you spoken with our competitors, you've probably discover that many of them are of questionable integrity, a bit arrogant and rude, or secretive about what their pricing is, and do you feel like they are trying to bamboozle you? We understand how you feel. Working with Tower Genius is like having you favorite uncle in the industry... you know that you can trust us, and we have no conflicts of interest that could compromise the terms of your deal.

Okay. The 3 magic words cell tower landlords need to know to get the best possible deal on their cell tower lease are:

1. CALL  

2. TOWER   


That’s right. The 3 magic cell tower lease words are, “Call Tower Genius”.

Our toll-free number is 1-888-313-9750, and we are open for business Monday-Friday from 9am Eastern until 6pm Central. You can always leave a voice message on our toll-free hotline or fill out a Contact Form, both of which are immediately delivered to our two Partners’ phones.

The wireless industry is undergoing significant changes due to advances in 5G technology. But negotiating your cell tower lease agreement doesn't need to be difficult, we can provide the industry knowledge and expertise that you need.

Cell tower landlords, do you need assistance? We have been working in the cell tower industry since 1988 and have over five decades of experience between the two of us.

Are you frustrated dealing with the cell tower companies and fast talking cell tower consultants? We need to talk. Please give us call today at 1-888-313-9750. 

Tower Genius LLC Can Help You With:

  • Newly Proposed Cell Towers or Rooftop Cell Sites By Carriers
  • Verizon Wireless Cell Tower Leases
  • T-Mobile Cell Tower Leases
  • AT&T Cell Tower Leases
  • DISH Wireless Cell Site Leases
  • Cell Tower Developers and Rent Reduction Proposals

And Tower Genius LLC Can Also Help You With:

  • Cell Tower Proposals and Offers on Existing Cell Towers
  • Lease Amendments - Lease Extensions - Equipment Upgrades
  • Cell Tower Lease Buyout Offers and Purchase Offers 
  • American Tower Leases
  • Crown Castle Leases
  • SBA Communication Leases

Who Are The Geniuses Behind
Tower Genius LLC?

Tower Genius Partner Profiles

Kevin F. Donohue, Partner, Tower Genius LLC. aka "Towerman"

Kevin F. Donohue, Partner – Kevin is a telecom infrastructure professional who has held various executive positions with both major Fortune 500 wireless telecom firms as well as developing multi-million dollar consulting firms that have serviced the top names in the telecommunications industry throughout the United States. He is a leading expert in both the Wireless Telecom Infrastructure Industry as well as the Vertical Real Estate Business. His expertise has been sought by major publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Crain’s NY Business and the Gannett Newspapers regarding changing market trends in wireless infrastructure as well as writing municipal codes that are used nationwide. 

Steve Kazella, Partner, Tower Genius, LLC. AKA "Megathinker"

Stephen L. Kazella, Partner – Steve is the founder of Tower Genius, LLC, he is a telecommunications professional who specializes in mobile telecommunications development, implementation and project management, tower leasing, cell site valuations and rooftop management. He has previously been a Senior Manager at Fortune 500 Company and has provided consulting services to several major wireless carriers. Mr. Kazella has been quoted in The New York Times and multiple publications on matters pertaining to the cell tower industry. 

Do Your Research.
Then Hire Tower Genius.
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  • Cell tower lease agreements
  • Selling Cell Tower Lease
  • Tower lease extensions
  • Cell site upgrades
  • Small cell proposals
  • Lease amendments
  • Tower lease buyout offers
  • Rooftop lease buyout offers
  • Rooftop cell site audits
  • Lease Agreement defaults
  • Cell tower valuations
  • Rent reduction solicitations
  • Lease Optimization Help
  • Lease Revenue Purchase
  • Transactional Coaching
  • Verizon Wireless 
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • DISH Wireless
  • US Cellular
  • SiriusXM
  • Crown Castle
  • American Tower
  • Atlas Tower
  • Phoenix Tower PTI
  • Vertical Bridge
  • SBA Communications
  • Tillman Infrastructure
  • Lyle Company, Black Dot, Md7
  • Everest Infrastructure

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