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TowerGenius Blog Directory

Thanks for visiting the best cell tower lease blog directory on the planet. At Tower Genius we are here to answer your cell site questions and provide the answers you need from the industries leading experts. You have cell tower lease questions and you are not alone. Back in 2008 we launched our cell tower lease consulting business after building our first cell tower blog when we noticed that building landlords in New York City had a lot of questions and also had a lot of problems with their cell sites related to T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint. We also started getting TONS of questions from the "flyover states" from property owners like farmers and churches who were getting threatening cell tower rent reduction letters from the cell phone carriers, that if they did not give rent reductions on their cell tower leases, they would take down the cell towers and move them. We saw that there was a huge demand for information and people had questions about their cell tower leases. What is the cell tower lease rate for my Verizon lease? How much is my AT&T cell tower lease worth? We launched this website in 2009 and started blogging and immediately started getting cell site landlords contacting us. Our "ask the expert" blogs were even found by the NY Times who interviewed us for their newspaper about problems NYC cell site landlords were having.  Since then we have answered thousands of cell tower questions for people just like you. 


TowerGenius Blog Directory:
Cell Tower Blogs for
Cell Tower Landlords and Cell Site Lessors.

Tower Genius' "TowerGenius Blog" is actually a collection of 15 wireless industry cell tower micro-blogs written with the cell tower landlord in mind. We have answered hundreds of reader and visitor questions on the Tower Genius Blog. Below you will find a cell tower lease blog directory of all of our active cell tower blogs and cell site lease blogs to help you find the information that you are looking for. You won't find a better collection of cell tower blogs and cell tower leasing blogs for landlords, anywhere. But be careful, you might easily end up spending a few hours reading all of these post on the TowerGenius Blog. 

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Steve Kazella, Telecom Lease Genius, Cell Tower Blogger, Tower Genius Blog Editor and Cell Tower Tree-Pole Hugger

Tower Genius, LLC

TowerGenius Blog Directory:
A List of 15 Cell Tower Leasing Blogs
Moderated By Our Team.

Tower Genius's Ask The Cell Tower Expert Cell Site Lease Blog 1     

Tower Genius's Ask The Cell Tower Expert Cell Site Lease Blog 2    

Tower Genius's Cell Tower Lease Rates Blog  

Tower Genius's Customer Testimonials Blog  

Tower Genius's Cell Site Lease and Cell Tower Lease Buyout Blog -  

Tower Genius's American Tower Cell Tower Lease Blog  

Tower Genius's Crown Castle Cell Tower Lease Blog  

Tower Genius's SBA Communications Cell Tower Lease Blog  

Tower Genius's Verizon Wireless Cell Site Cell Tower Lease Blog  

Tower Genius's AT&T Wireless Cell Site Cell Tower Lease Blog  

Tower Genius's  T-Mobile Cell Site Cell Tower Lease Blog  

Tower Genius Sprint Cell Site Cell Tower Lease Blog  

Tower Genius's US Cellular Cell Site Cell tower Lease Blog  

Tower Genius's Rooftop Cell Site Lease Blog  

Tower Genius's Cell Tower Pictures / Cell Tower Hunter's Blog 

Tower Genius's Ugly Cell Tower Picture Contest Blog  

Get Your Cell Tower and Rooftop Cell Site Lease Questions Answered.

Still Did Not Find What You Were Looking For On Our Cell Tower Lease Q&A Blogs, Or Need To Talk To A Cell Tower Expert?

We offer these cell tower answers on the TowerGenius blog as a source of information for wireless landlords where you can post questions and hopefully get your cell tower questions answered. We address commonly asked cell tower issues and respond to complex cell tower related problems that landlords have with both the wireless carriers and cell tower developers and cell tower management companies. We moderate the cell tower blogs for content to make sure they are mostly family-friendly and G-rated, although sometimes we may go on a rant about something or another.

However, if after reading these wireless infrastructure questions and answers you feel that you still need to speak with a cell tower lease advisor, negotiation coach or consultant, then we would ask you to Contact Tower Genius using the linked contact form.

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday,  9AM Eastern to 6PM Central
Closed During US Federal Holidays and During Thanksgiving, July 4th, Christmas and the End of the Year.

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  • Cell tower lease agreements
  • Selling Cell Tower Lease
  • Tower lease extensions
  • Cell site upgrades
  • Small cell proposals
  • Lease amendments
  • Tower lease buyout offers
  • Rooftop lease buyout offers
  • Rooftop cell site audits
  • Lease Agreement defaults
  • Cell tower valuations
  • Rent reduction solicitations
  • Lease Optimization Help
  • Lease Revenue Purchase
  • Transactional Coaching
  • Verizon Wireless 
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • DISH Wireless
  • US Cellular
  • SiriusXM
  • Crown Castle
  • American Tower
  • Atlas Tower
  • Phoenix Tower PTI
  • Vertical Bridge
  • SBA Communications
  • Tillman Infrastructure
  • Lyle Company, Black Dot, Md7
  • Everest Infrastructure

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