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Updated. January 2024. Tower Genius evaluates cell tower lease buyout offers for cell tower landlords. But we don't just evaluate them, we also  help advise landlords looking to sell their cell tower lease rental streams and perpetual easements. In 2024 we can really help you to maximize the sale of your cell tower lease perpetual easement.

Not all cell tower lease buyout companies are the same. Chances are that you've been contacted by one of them about selling your rooftop cell site lease or cell tower rental stream. If you are a wireless landlord you've probably received a letter or a phone call at last once or twice this year, from companies like Unison Site Management, AP Wireless Infrastructure Partners (APWIP), Advance Wireless Capital, Landmark Dividend, Tower Point, Peppertree, Symphony Wireless, Tower Capital, Md7, Black Dot, Lend Lease, The Lyle Company Wireless Capital Partners, Everest Infrastructure Partners, and about a dozen others smaller cell tower lease investors, buyers, hedge funds, brokers and wheeler dealers.

You may also have been called by cell tower management companies like Vertical Bridge,  American  Tower, Crown Castle or SBA Communications and have been offered a lump sum or installment payments in exchange for a long term or permanent or perpetual easement on your property for the rental steam the cell site generates. Not all cell tower purchase offers are the same. Cell tower lease buyout offers may often look like apples to apples offers, but often they are oranges disguised as apples.

Considering a
Cell Tower Lease or Cell Site Lease Buyout Offer? 

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Need Cell Tower Lease Buyout Information?

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Selling your cell tower rental stream? Looking for cell tower lease buyout information? You don't need a cell tower lease buyout calculator. You need an industry expert you can trust and who can get your the answers you need to maximize the value of your cell site lease. Tower Genius can help property owners and building owners get the best value and easement terms with the following kinds of rooftop cell site lease and cell tower lease buyout offers:

  • Verizon cell site lease buyouts
  • AT&T cell site lease buyouts
  • T-Mobile cell site lease buyouts
  • Vertical Bridge lease buyout offers
  • American Tower lease buyout offers
  • Crown Castle lease buyout offerss
  • SBA Communications lease buyout offers
  • Communication tower lease buyout offers
  • Cell Tower Developer lease buyout offers
cell tower lease buyout calculator   picture of a calculator with TOWER GENIUS in the displayForget the cell tower lease buyout calculator and talk to Tower Genius 888-313-9750.

Hit Cell Tower Lease Buyout Gold

The Partners of Tower Genius are like cell tower lease buyout alchemists. We provide the cell tower lease buyout information and specialized coaching and consulting services that can turn cell tower leases into GOLD for our clients. First and foremost we are independent cell tower lease consulting experts who only work for the landlord primarily in the technical areas of cell tower lease review and lease negotiation / renegotiation strategy. 

Just as we help attorneys and landlords navigate the shark-infested waters of cell tower lease valuations and negotiations, we can help advise you in 2024 to get the best price for your cell tower lease sales transaction or cell tower sale (if you own the cell phone tower).  If you've made your decision to cash out and sell your cell tower lease rental stream,  we can offer you and your attorney guidance throughout the sale and cell site lease purchase process and show you how you can maximize your value along the way.

Services that Tower Genius Offers to  Rental Stream Sellers:

  • Cell tower lease  perpetual easement purchase offer review and valuations
  • Cellular tower rental stream buyout offer strategy sessions
  • We do not offer tax advice or legal advice - but we've helped scores of landlords who were doing 1031-exchanges with their proceeds. 
  • We recommend that all sellers of telecommunication lease rental streams consult with an attorney and a CPA before they sell.

It's important to note that not all cell phone tower lease buyouts or lease prepayment offers are the same. Of course all cell tower leases are a valuable asset, but a cell tower valuation will shed some light on the value of some carrier leases over other leases.  

Let Tower Genius Help Maximize The Value of Your Lease Purchase Offer.

Young and handsome cell tower lease buyout expert Steve Kazella. Call Tower Genius 888-313-9750

My name is Steve Kazella, Managing Partner of Tower Genius. Before you accept an offer for your cell tower leases you should probably get at least one additional second opinion from a reputable tower lease expert, namely from our company Tower Genius. We assist landlords in assessing the various telecommunications buyout offers agreements and can recommend accurate pricing your lease should generate.

Contact Steve or Kevin at Tower Genius for cell tower lease buyout guidance, or for assistance in any other wireless leasing or carrier related question that you may have.

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"Helping Landlords Turn Their Cell Site Leases Into Gold Since 2008."

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