How To Use A
Cell Tower Lease Calculator:
Step 1: If it's not powered by
Tower Genius, discard in trash. 

A cell tower lease calculator is no substitute for talking to  thousands of cell tower landlords on a daily basis since 2008, reviewing thousands of cell tower locations and cell sites, combined with 50+ years of cell tower development, real estate site acquisition, cell tower zoning, telecom lease coaching and consulting experience that Tower Genius Partners Kevin Donohue and Steve Kazella bring to the table. We know that many people are searching for an online cell tower rental calculator to determine the value of their cell tower location for leasing antenna space to a cell tower developer or cell tower company, or what "range" to charge for leasing your rooftop space when a wireless carrier like DISH Wireless, Verizon Wireless, AT&T or T-Mobile wants to install a macrocell, microcell or a 5G cell site on your building. 

Anyone who claims they have a cell tower lease calculator to determine the rental value of your location for a cell tower is selling you snake oil. The valuation of specific locations is a precise science and has to be looked at on a site by site basis. While it is true that certain large utility companies, states, counties and city governments have guidelines for what they charge wireless carriers based on square footage and number of antennas, 99% of cell site values are not determined that way.

While some may say there is a "range" for cell tower lease values, and while it is correct that a majority of rural cell towers rent for between $500 and $1,000 per month across the country, there is no substitute for having your location's lease rate valuation performed by an industry professional. There are always exceptions due to zoning, topography and many other factors. And don't expect the cell tower agents who are contacting you to provide the information that you seek. Essentially just because the land owner two miles away is getting $750 per month and five other cell tower pay roughly the same in your county, that does not necessarily mean that it is what your cell site location is worth in 2024.


How to use a
Cell Tower Lease Calculator...

Step 2: 
After you throw out the other guy's lease calculator, call Tower Genius at 1-888-313-9750.

Don't leave it to chance when you are trying to calculate the precise value of your property's cell tower rental rate. The annual payments that you receive are only one component of a very lopsided tower lease agreement that the cell tower acquisition consultant will want you to sign. Tower Genius typically suggests 2 to 3 dozen modifications to most lease contracts, depending on each carrier or tower company.

And don't look to your local attorney for answers. Your attorney while likely is very knowledgeable about other matters, won't be able to tell you what the cell site is worth regardless if it is a new cell tower proposal from Verizon Wireless, DISH Wireless, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular or AT&T or if you are extending your lease with Crown Castle, Vertical Bridge, American Tower, or SBA Communications. You don't need a cell tower lease calculator, you need an expert.


  • If you are considering selling your future rent income, what is the value of the cell tower lease buyout offer or perpetual easement offer you received, and how can you calculate if the lease buyout offer is a solid one or not? 
  • Is it a new carrier proposal on a rooftop, steel transmission pole or water tower?
  • Are there other competing elevated structures besides your location?
  • Do we calculate rooftop cell site rent based on number of antennas or on a square foot basis or neither? Are they adding antennas, expanding and needing additional antenna or "ground" equipment space.
  • Are the adding additional equipment such as RRH or RRU units?
  • Are they  "reconfiguring" or relocating antenna equipment and can you get a rent increase?
  • Is it a 5G small cell or macro site?
  • Is the cell site being proposed by a tower company that is reasonable, or is the tower company making the proposal known for cutthroat business tactics?
  • Is the existing cell tower lease on your property that is being extended a single carrier cell site or multi-carrier cell site? 
  • What is the rent increase for adding a generator to the cell tower if they need additional ground space or rooftop space?
  • Are you losing any tenants due to mergers or consolidation?
  • Should you accept the rental guarantee offer to modify lease terms and reduce your monthly rental payments on a cell tower site under threat of lease termination or the cell tower's relocation, and how significant is the risk of the cell tower lease being terminated at your location if you don't accept the carrier's lease optimization terms?

There is no cell tower lease calculator or cell tower lease buyout calculator on earth that can answer these questions, but Tower Genius can. We'd like to be your own personal cell tower rent calculator.

We look forward to assisting you!

Cell tower lease rates expertThrowback photo from 2016, before we ditched the cape and mask.
rooftop cell site lease rates We estimate that 30% of rooftop cell sites are in default. It's a good idea to have Tower Genius take a look before you sign a cell site lease extension or accept a cell site lease buyout offer.
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