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Have you been contacted about a 5G upgrade lease amendment to your existing cell site lease or other cell tower lease amendment? Long Term Evolution is also known as the 4th generation of wireless technology, hence the names LTE / 4G.  But forget 4G LTE, that is so 2012. 5G technology is coming to a cell tower near you soon. In 2021 we can expect the intensified deployment of 5th Generation 5G antenna nodes and more 5G small cells and DAS (distributed antenna system) networks to be built. The wireless industry estimates hundreds of thousands of new 5G sites will need to be added across the USA in addition to the 350,000+ cell sites and towers that will also have 5G capabilities. Increasingly, landlords should expect to be receiving 5G cell site lease amendments as some of the major cellular carriers including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, DISH and T-Mobile are currently expanding their network capacity by integrating an LTE network overlay.  LTE Long-Term Evolution is just a fancy industry buzzword for adding capacity to their already robust wireless networks. Many of you may better understand LTE from the sales and marketing gimmicks on TV, where the carriers advertise their smart phones for sale being 4G capable.  LTE and 4G and 5G (aka 4th or 5th Generation),  are pretty much synonymous.

The 5G fifth generation LTE technology provides faster data for the multiple services they are trying to sell you, and offers a vast network capability, an improved end-user experience and a simple architectural design that results in a lower operating cost to maintain for the carriers.

Landlords can often negotiate better financial terms prior to the start of the cell site upgrade project with a 5G Upgrade Lease Amendment, but don't expect Sprint, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, US Cellular or T-Mobile to tell you that. If your cell site lease requires your consent to modify or expand the leased premises, they will usually have a third party contract ask you to sign a release or authorization form to expand their Permitted Use. This is often confused with signing off on building permit paperwork. No big deal, just sign here, right?? Make sure you know what your lease says or it could cost you quite a bit of money before you sign anything.

Better yet, call Kevin or Steve at Tower Genius, 1-888-313-9750 and talk to us and ask us if a 5G upgrade lease amendment is possible at your rooftop cell site? We provide expert transactional coaching and lease consulting services.

What does the cell tower LTE upgrade mean for landlords contacted about an 5G upgrade lease amendment?

What this Long Term Evolution 5G/LTE means for landlords with an existing cell site lease, is that some of the carriers will require additional space for telecom cabinets and or wireless antennas at their existing facilities to provide this much needed overlay architecture.  Of course in many cases the cellular carriers will try to slip this past landlords as a mini modification and or upgrade, and landlords need to turn to a professional that can review the carrier’s construction designs as well as their lease terms to judge what the carrier and property owner’s specific rights are at a particular cell tower site. 

In many cases a landlord may be able to improve their financial return on their cell tower lease due to the need for additional space, or at least be able to modify and improve some of the language or terms in their existing cell tower leases pertaining to tax assessments, etc. that can be improved due to current market needs. If somebody is talking to you about a 5G lease, it's a good idea to contact Tower Genius.

In many instances carriers will simply send out a letter informing you of the LTE upgrade or send you a letter of intent notifying you of this issue and ask you to execute the document. Please do not sign anything put in front of you relating to any sort of LTE 5G upgrade amendment or cell site lease upgrade without first receiving the review and approval of a cellular leasing industry expert.

Now that the T-Mobile / Spring merger is completed, T-Mobile needs to aggressively pursue building out a 5G network to compete with AT&T and Verizon. Additionally, in 2021 and beyond we expect AT&T and Verizon Wireless will be performing large-scale expansions and 5G upgrades (5th Generation)  to their networks. As a result of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, a new carrier has been created, and DISH Wireless will also be aggressively deploying at least 20,000 new cell sites as they play catch-up with the other carriers. We encourage wireless landlords to contact us here at Tower Genius toll-free at 1-888-313-9750 if you have any questions about having your cell site lease amendments or 5G Upgrade Upgrade Lease Amendment reviewed or need transactional coaching services as you negotiate your deal.

Tower Genius is and independent telecommunications consulting company and is neither an agent nor contractor and is not affiliated with AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, DISH, T-Mobile or any other cellular carrier providing Long Term Evolution 5G LTE upgrades. We are the leaders in providing wireless landlords and property owners 5G upgrade lease amendment review consultations and negotiation coaching and advisory services for landlords, utility companies and municipal agencies in all major USA markets.

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