Selling Rooftop Cell Tower Lease and Billboard Lease

by Ivan

I am a real estate investor buying foreclosed apartment buildings (residential) and commercial properties mostly in Texas. I have partners and associates who also acquire properties in Florida and Southern California. We've been coming across a few foreclosures and REO bank owned properties with antenna leases and billboard leases from time to time but haven't been able to get information from the carriers about the terms of these leases and we don't really know what we are buying. Getting information from the carriers is impossible.

We usually flip the foreclosed properties but want to know what options we have with the rooftop verizon wireless lease attached to the apartment we are about to purchase in Dallas. Can we hold onto the apartment and flip the cell tower lease? What about a billboard lease?

On the bank owned cell towers isn't it in the interest of the bank to provide us the cell tower lease information? Also does your firm provide billboard lease services similar to the wireless services you advertise you your website?

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Oct 29, 2011
I beg to differ
by: Andrew G Kellerman

RE: "You will get a better buyout offer if you deal directly with Wall Street as opposed to dealing with a tower broker."

As a tower broker, I set up multiple competing offers the "Wall Street firms". I give them the information and they try and out bid each other.

I've set some record prices for tower owners that no single Wall Street buyer would have ever made on their own.

Editor's note:

We like Andrew.

Jul 15, 2011
Roof Top Cell Tower and Billboard Lease
by: Oscar Velez

Ivan, I have purchased several cell tower and billboard leases. Please contact me and I will be able to value any Billboard or Cell Tower leases that you may have.

Jul 11, 2011
Billboard Leases
by: John Gale

Please call me when you come across a billboard lease you'd like to dump.

John G
Outdoor Media
(951) 837-xxxx

Editor's note: not a place for free advertising.

Jul 07, 2010
Real Estate Investing - Foreclosures - Cell Towers and Billboards
by: Tower Genius

Ivan thanks for the question. We've been seeing a lot of real estate investors contacting us about cellular leases on foreclosed properties with the state of the economy. With the sheer numbers of foreclosed properties, there are going to be diamonds in the rough out there for the smart and lucky real estate entrepreneur. There is a TON of opportunity out there for real estate investors who what to cash out of a cell tower lease and take the lease buyout payment and put it towards paying down the mortgage on the investment property. With the chaos at the banks, it is doubtful that they have separate lists of foreclosures or REO's with existing cell sites and leases.

HOWEVER... If you know someone at the bank perhaps they can do a search on their internal database and search for cell tower leases with words like: Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Omnipoint, SBA, Crown, Towerco, American Tower... you get the idea.

Your questions...

1. The bank is the receiver on the foreclosure and own the property, then they have to disclose every existing lease on Premise. Send them a letter with your request.

2. You can sell the cellular lease without selling the building, and you can also sell the billboard lease. You will get a better buyout offer if you deal directly with Wall Street as opposed to dealing with a tower broker.

3. Yes, we can help you to review both cellular and billboard leases and with both types of lease buyouts.

Ivan please fill out a contact form so we can call you or call 888-313-9750 after 9AM Eastern Time.

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