Cash for my cell tower lease. I was offered a lease buyout.

by Ranjit

Hello. Does Tower Genius Cell Tower Consultants help wireless landlords like myself who are thinking about cashing out of our cell tower leases? I own a property with a monopole cell tower in New Jersey with four cellular phone companies (Verizon Wireless, Omnipoint, AT&T and Sprint) renting ground space from me. I was contacted a few times in the last year about a possible cell tower lease buyout. I don't know much about these cell tower buyouts and have lots of questions. Can I sell one or two of the cellular leases or do I need to sell all four? Also the rent I receive on each of the rental contracts is different and I suppose their values may not be equal but still I am not sure how I should go about negotiating a lease buyout agreement once it is presented to me.

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Jun 19, 2012
lease for sale so cal
by: R K

Yeah the info here is great and alot of what was said I heard.
Looking to sell cell (mono pole) tower lease in So Cal south of LA. Call me if no answer text me thanks 951-545-xxxx

Dec 08, 2010
I Pay People 6-Figures Everyday
by: Rick N

I buy cell sites and I give the highest payouts and easiest terms. I have 2 7-figure payouts this month alone. Call on your site or send me leads and make $$$$$$$. Any deal that close that you bring in. Rick N. 858-2x2-xxxx

Oct 17, 2010
tower lease buyout
by: Gary

The tower lease sales guy who approached us about a cell tower lease buyout program drove up in a Mercedes Benz so we did not want to contribute to that. We are thrilled we found this website you guys from Tower Genius really helped cut through all the b.s. and get me a much better offer. I really appreciate it.


Apr 29, 2010
Get a second opinion about your cell tower lease purchase offer
by: Steve in NJ

Ranjit, we tell landlords that they have options when it comes to structuring these cellular lease buyouts that can provide them significant compensation on the front-end and without giving up all future rights on the back-end.

The cell tower portfolio managers we know work with cell tower landlords on an individual basis to figure out exactly what they need. Part of the problem in the industry is that there are companies who are pressuring landlords to agree to cellular lease buyouts based upon fear and the landlords ignorance of wireless networks and technology.

In your case, you can sell the rights to the cell tower lease on the "anchor tenant"- let's say AT&T, with a 10-15-20 year option for $X for example, as long as AT&T doesn't control all of the subletting/footprint. And, if you want, you can still collect the monthly rents on the other three carrier tenants. After the designated option period expires you can go decide if you want to collect the rent on AT&T again, etc. You can get some cash up front and keep collecting rent if you want.

Most of the wireless lease procurement companies out there don't work with landlords on structuring customized solutions because they are rigid Wall Street bankers or former used car salesmen. This is not the case when you deal with an investment pool of private capital or private investment fund with the flexibility to tailor the cell tower lease purchase deals to meet individual wireless landlord needs.

Steve K.
Tower Genius

Apr 25, 2010
Tough question... lots of variables...
by: Kevin Corcoran - Tower Genius

Lease buyouts are a common issue but the answer varies for each individual's situation. The answer will depend on a few factors:

* Lease Values
* Potential for additional tenants
* Existing lease terms
* Your long term goals with the property
* Your current needs
* Geographic area
* Zoning requirements in your area
* The specifics of your "buyout" offer

In some cases the buyouts you are being offered are so low that they are an attempt to take advantage of a lessor and they usually go hand in hand with some threat concerning the stability of a particular tenant or the industry as a whole.

In other cases you do have professional tower/lease portfolio managers who are seeking tower leases for their portfolios. Your lease is a commodity that can be sold or bought like any other commodity. Many of these firms will offer you a better financial deal then those that use scare tactics. Right now some of the larger portfolio managers are offering great deals for cell tower lease buyouts.

In many cases these deals are beneficial to a lessor, especially if you need money for a capital investment in your primary business, paying off a mortgage, buying additional property or for a family need that may present itself.

If you would like to pursue the option of selling your lease rights, please contact us so that we can evaluate your deal, estimate any risk and determine if the sale of the lease is in your best interest.

After the evaluation, If you want to sell your lease rights but the deal is too low in value we will present your lease to a few of the reputable tower lease portfolio managers that our firm trusts. This is the best way to figure out the market value of your lease and to maximize your lease value.

There is no cost to you. Our service is free to any lessor who is serious about a lease buyout program. I look forward to receiving your information and maximizing your values.

Apr 25, 2010
RE: Your cell site lease buyout offer
by: T.J. from N.J.

My friend in Newark NJ sold his rooftop cell tower lease for cash. He had 2 cellular companies renting space there on an apartment building he purchased. He kept one of the leases and got over 6 figures for the other one. Not bad for doing absolutely nothing except being lucky to purchase a building that Verizon and another phone company then decided to stick some antennas on. I hate that guy.

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