Verizon Cell Tower Locations?

by Nancy
(Los Angeles, California)

Verizon Wireless is trying to get coverage in our area in Southern California. We've been Verizon Wireless customers for a long time and we have noticed that our cell phone service and signal has actually appeared to have become weaker in our area in the last 2 years. Also we drop calls frequently when this previously wasn't an issue and have problems with our new iPhone getting on the internet. Verizon contacted us about putting a cell tower on our building in late 2011 and their leasing representative told me that they were also looking at a few other buildings as potential sites to put their antennas on our street. My question for you is what makes the best Verizon cell tower locations from their point of view? What are my chances of getting them to select my building? We are about 10 feet higher than the other roof tops but our roof is smaller than the other buildings.

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Feb 01, 2012
Carrier's expense
by: Tower Genius

The carrier pays for everything that is related to leasing, zoning, permitting and construction on Verizon's end. The leasing representative that you are dealing with does not make the decision of vendor selection but you can tell them that you prefer a camouflaged site.

Also for more detail on what carriers like VZ are looking for when considering a new cell site, read: selecting cell phone tower locations it may be helpful.

Best bet for property owners trying to get Verizon cellular towers on their land is to contact the carrier directly on the Verizon Wireless Network Real Estate Inquiries site.

For building landlords with existing rooftop Verizon cell sites, property owners with a tower on their land or who have been contacted to develop Verizon cell towers at their Premises, you should contact an industry professional who knows the language and business terms and Verizon lease rates all over the United States.

Talk to us at Tower Genius.

Feb 01, 2012
Who pays for Concealment?
by: Nancy

Wow this is a lot of helpful feedback. Thank you so much. Is a cell antenna concealment something I should ask for or would they propose this type of design? Would Verizon pay for it? I do not want to pay anything out of pocket.

Feb 01, 2012
About your possible Verizon Wireless cell tower location...
by: Tower Genius

Nancy, we estimate that Verizon scaled back their new cell tower and cell site construction in 2011 by 80-90% based on the kind of calls we got. The majority of their cell sites that they were working on were cellular sites they were looking to upgrade to LTE/4G in order to improve capacity.

If Verizon is looking at your building as a new rooftop cell site location then it's likely that they need more coverage and capacity.

Since VZ customers like yourself have switched to the iPhone and thousands of other people in California and nationwide have been buying this and other phones like Blackberry and Android phones that are "data hogs" Verizon's coverage may have shrunk enough in your area to the point that where there was once sufficient coverage, now little to no coverage exists.

In our opinion, the #1 aspect in selecting a cell tower location for Verizon or any other carrier from a carrier's perspective is aesthetics, or at least it used to be in the old days when we provided these services prior to seeing the light and crossing over from the "dark side". Besides the cell site providing optimal coverage, especially in California, it needs to pass the zoning approval requirements, which often times means a Concealed site using RF transparent materials. Your building being the tallest is helpful. Other factors in their decision will be the availability of interior space to house their equipment vs. outdoor parking space or putting the equipment shelter on the roof.

Is your property the best potential Verizon cell tower location? We need more site specific info. Please call us at 888-313-9750 so we can look at aerials and our tower database to get a better idea how it would tie into their network.

Tower Genius

Feb 01, 2012
Consider a Concealment
by: Peabody Concealment

In order for most cell sites to be approved for construction in most city areas the plans must be approved by city officials. This is mainly due to the fact that cities are requiring the concealment or hiding of cell towers. Most cities deny the construction of towers due to the "visual pollution" they add to the city.

Proposing a concealment with your tower construction plans can greatly increase the chances of city approval. For more information on cellular concealments please click the "Concealed Sites" link to the left, visit or call 1-800-4-PEABODY and ask for Mike. We are located in Corona, CA, a local Southern California provider for Concealments.

Depending on the size of your roof there are many options that tower companies can pursue: radomes, overhangs, corrugated panels, to boxes, cupolas, and more. If you have an ideal location tower companies will try to find a way to make it work.

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