Tillman infrastructure, LLC wants to put cell tower on my property

by Holly
(Rosebud, Texas)

Tillman infrastructure wants to put a cell tower on my property leasing a 100' x 100' area and pay me 500$ monthly for 10 years initially and then with an 8 additional 5-year renewal terms. Is this the most money that I can get for this deal?

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Feb 07, 2023
Tillman L****
by: Anonymous

This company Tillman Infrastructure
Will L** TO YOU they will tell you
Oh we will fix anything we mess up on your property
Well A Lawyer A Lawsuit and $8000.00 in dirt work later
They’ve yet to hold up their end of the bargain
However Our Lawyer assures us that when the time comes
once it is all said and done
Our lawyer fees along with cost to repair damage
As well as pain and suffering as well as a possible
will tell the tale
I warn any and all to STAY AWAY FROM Tillman
As they are a crooked corporation
And are fantastic l***s
Just my opinion

Jun 27, 2018
Contact info
by: Anonymous

I would like to call Tillman. Does anyone have their contact number?

Editor's Note: It kind of makes you wonder why they don't have a phone number listed on their website and they have to register their domain by Proxy. Their corporate office is located in New York City.

Jun 06, 2018
by: Anonymous

Low baller for a 300 ft. Tower 500 a month for 10 yr with 16 5 yr ex. No way, highway robbery.

Mar 13, 2018
Revenue share
by: Anonymous

Always seek a percentage of revenue share for any of the carriers that collocate onto the tower in addition to a flat fee (roughly $350-$450/mo plus an annual 3% escalation) No rev share... higher flat fee. Simple.

Jan 12, 2018
Another day, another Tillman Infrastructure caller.
by: Tower Genius


We frequently get calls quite frequently from property owners contacted by Tillman Infrastructure cell tower leasing representatives.


Their offers for 90 year ++ leases are a bit out of line with industry standards. The industry standard is 25 years, not 90 years.

And when they stress that they are a "disruptive force" in the wireless industry, all they are trying to do is disrupt the amount of money that a cell tower landlord should be making on these type of deals.

Over the last 30 years many types of wireless companies have come to market with grandiose plans about building sites cheaper for the various carriers. In the end, the development of a cell tower site has a basic cost associated with tower development and the only real plans that they have to produce sites at a cheaper rates is to freeze landlords out from earning fair market value to their property, and then tying that property up for an extended period of time that will ensure the the landlord does not have an opportunity to renegotiate these type of deals anytime during that tower's (or landlord's) lifecycle.

It is our opinion that the type of deal s presented by these "market disrupting companies" should be ignored and one should not be willing to encumber their property for peanuts.

If companies like Tillman want to develop towers on your land and not pay a long term lease that's within fair market pricing, they should take the risk to pay to subdivide your parcel and then purchase the lot from you outright for a fair market cash purchase.

In some cases, not building a cell tower is a better long term strategy on your property then being tied up long term in a bad deal.

Jan 10, 2018
90 year lease
by: Anonymous

No joke, they recently offered us a 10 year cell tower lease with 16 (SIXTEEN!) additional five years renewals. That seems like too much time.

Nov 15, 2017
they low balled me
by: Anonymous

Got a low ball offer from tillman.

Nov 14, 2017
Tower Site Rental
by: Anonymous

Been in the cellular site development work for about 20 years. have had down and out fights with several of the tower rental companies during that time. the worst company to deal with is Crown Castle. Think they only hire morons.

But getting to the point at hand here. These tower rentals are typically charging each carrier around $2000 a month to be on the tower. This will vary with antenna height on the tower, how many antennas, if they use a microwave dish and the type of transmission line.

This is all bearing on how much tower wind loading the carrier is placing on the tower. Towers are designed to support a fixed amount of wind loading. Once you reach that amount, you can't add any more to the tower.

Land owners income they can get from these towers will vary some with the location of the tower, the height of the land elevation and the proximity of highways and users. $1000 a month or more is not uncommon. But it will vary based on location. Don't get low balled on a lease. If the company came to you, the location is a good one.

Aug 28, 2017
Same Situation
by: Anonymous

I have spoke with them and got them up to 950 per month. 10 percent increases every 5 years for 50 years. Would be interested if I should walk away and risk it going to a neighbor? How did your deal end up or did you walk away?

Jun 20, 2017
A Rent from the Early Days
by: Anonymous

That's a terrible deal. Tillman is working for AT&T to find alternate sites so they can move from high rent towers owned by Crown and American. Does anyone besides me think they are an arm of ATT?

Mar 30, 2017
If you want in the tower business then start building towers
by: Anonymous

The $500-$700 range is average unless you are in an urban area and space is limited or zoning laws limit where a tower can go. I have done tower development in 6 states for over 19 years. Like other comments above, a tower may just go in next to you and now you get nothing and still look at it for years.

The best bet is to stay on the lower end and ask for fixed rate bumps when new users come on the tower.

a 100x100 space is less than 1 quarter of an acre. Weigh what else can give you $6K a year for no effort on your part. Annual escalators for the most part are also a think of the past.

Reduce the 1st term to 5 years and take the 5 - 6% per term. Again where else can you get a guaranteed rental increase.

I try no to approach the folks who have little land or land where a tower would make there uses on the property troublesome.

The way I think of it, it is found money.

But always do what is right for your situation.

Mar 02, 2017
Sounds like you work for Tillman
by: Anonymous

More people have heard of Tillman on this website than ever heard of Tillman before. LOL.

Feb 24, 2017
Professional opinion on RENT
by: Anonymous

A $1000 a month typically will not happen.

Counties are charging high taxes for these towers. It is not uncommon to see $400 a month in taxes. Throw in $250 for electricity on a lighting kit, monitoring, and insurance. At $500 a month you are up to $1150 in reoccurring cost. A provider will pay $1500-$1800 per month ($1650 average). As you can see you have a $500 balance AND STILL HAVE TO BUILD A $150,000.00 plus structure.

My recommendation if you want the tower, go easy on the front end rent. Stay with $500-$550. Make sure they build a 4 carrier plus tower (a provision in the lease) and then request an additional $250 for every other provider that collocates on the tower.

Make yourself a partner in the tower. If it gets four carriers you will be making $1250 a month. No tower owner would mind paying $1250 a month in ground rent for a four carrier tower.

Feb 23, 2017
Take it
by: Anonymous

You don't discribe where your land is or how many towers are in your area. I live in rural Missouri, someone made me an offer like that and I would laugh all the way to the bank.

Jan 09, 2017
You may end up seeing it for 50 years.
by: Anonymous

And having it right next door. And never seeing a dime.

Best advise, negotiate a little higher, but they'll never go to $1000 per month unless you're inner city somewhere. Remember your next door neighbor may want the money more than you and you'll still have a cell tower next to you.

Jan 06, 2017
not enough money
by: Anonymous

you can get double that amount. Also make sure you get annual increases.

Jan 02, 2017
Not a good deal
by: Stephen

Term is too long and rent is too low.

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