Question about Unison cell tower lease management.

by John

I have a cell site lease that Unison has been trying to purchase for several years. I was on google searching for a cell tower management company and they popped up in the results and I wanted to ask if anyone reading this can answer for me the following:

1. the internet search results says they are an independent company
2. they are listed as a ".ORG" - so are they non-profit?
3. are they legitimate?

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Feb 12, 2024
Unison scam me
by: Anonymous

Unison toll me that they would bring tenants to tower at 50/50 that’s why I sold to them but they also got me with perpetual easement I need help to go after them.

EDITOR's NOTE: Say what you want about Unison, I seriously doubt they would have told you that they will bring tenants. That is very difficult. They probably said they will TRY to bring tenants. Look at your paperwork. Does it guarantee that they will bring tenants? You should have got some advice before you sold it.

Sep 24, 2017
by: Miguel

I strongly advise not to cell your tower to unison they screw us good and now going after them in court.

Jan 24, 2012
Are cell tower leases going to become worthless?
by: Stuart

I have heard that cellular antennas and cell towers may become obsolete and be replaced by small boxes or cubes or use satellites. I can understand why people would want to cash out of their leases, but wouldn't that be a bad idea to buy the lease?

Jan 23, 2012
they are a real company... and a person.
by: Rufus Bigelow

Not only are they a real company... according to Mitt Romney they are also a person.

Jan 23, 2012
Not the only game in town
by: Paul Murauskas

Unison is one of the operators in this space. They are legit but if you are considering doing business with them you should also consider their competition.

Editor's Note:

Give Paul a call 212-555-1212 - hopefully you can find Paul in the 411 directory because Tower Genius doesn't allow free advertisements especially from people we don't know.

Jan 21, 2012
Response to your questions about Unison.
by: Tower Genius

Hello John, we don't compete with Unison because we are a different kind of company as we are not in the lease revenue stream purchasing business, so take our opinion with that in mind.

From what we hear from landlords, Unison's m/o is to purchase leases with a perpetual easement and offer property owners a 50/50 split on any new carriers they are able to attract. We have absolutely no idea how successful they are with that program.

With that being said, American Tower Corp. (AMT on the New York Stock Exchange) purchased them for many millions of dollars last year. So we know that ATC builds, owns and manages cell towers, presumably that also qualifies Unison as a bona fide cell site management firm.

Are they independent? Yes. No. Maybe. We have no idea. "What IS the definition of IS" to quote Bill Clinton. Is ATC independent? American Tower Corp builds out entire networks for companies like the carrier named AT&T Wireless, I am sure you have heard of them. So "independent" may be stretching it just a bit, but we really don't know too much more about them.

About the DOT ORG question, we did not see that website, maybe they opened a non-profit help desk to help farmers and the elderly who may not understand the specifics of a cell tower lease? However .ORG's are no longer used by only not for profits so we don't know the answer to that either.

Is Unison legit? Of course they are. We found their You Tube page with actor, Senator and former 2008 Republican Presidential Candidate Fred Thompson, so there is no way a guy like that would put his name next to a company that was not what they say they are. At the end of the day, they are a legitimate firm, they buy and manage cell site leases.

John, my only question is why would you give up 50% of any future revenue? That's a heck of a lot of money, and for what?

Tower Genius

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