Possible Tower Location

by Dale Lumbra
(Newbury NH)



I own some acreage along Rt 103 in Newbury NH. Newbury is a lake community in scenic NH (has a harbor and borders a large portion of Lake Sunapee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Sunapee). In the winter Newbury is home to one of the largest ski resorts in the area (http://www.mountsunapee.com/mtsunapeewinter/index.asp). Not only is Newbury a destination, it is also a popular and busy corridor between I89 and I91. One would think that given the fact that we have the Mtn right here, there would be sufficient cell coverage. Unfortunately, the area also has a number of other hills/mtns. As you can imagine, the travel routes through the area take advantage of the valleys the the hills and mtns create. As such, we have very poor coverage in most of the area. Despite being on the south side of one such hill/mtn having with excellent views(I look out over Rt103 at the back side of Sunapee Mtn), I am lucky to have 1 bar of service. I generally have none. This seems unreasonable. I have been a loyal customer of US Cellular for many, many years (have never had another provider!). I realize that you must have some kind of coverage requirements that must be met before considering investing in a tower however, I wonder if those requirements take into account more than just the number of residents (potential customers) such as the amount of through traffic, seasonal population, current lack of coverage etc. I wish you would give my property some serious consideration. There is clearly a need (ask ANY resident or (ANYone that travels this corridor) and I feel like as a longtime, loyal customer, I should be able to expect ample service at my home.
The only complaint I have ever heard about this beautiful, rural, NH community is it's lack of cell service (even at our center of town - where the town hall, emergency services, library, etc are).
My Sad Tale - About 5 years ago my life was turned upside down. After nearly 20 years of marriage, my wife surprised me with divorce. No hint what-so-ever. The loss of my wife, children, home (paid for), and life as I knew it, was instantly taken from me. I had no life outside of my family. It was all to much for me resulting in a very dark time including many hospital stays and worse. I am just now beginning to recover and attempting to rebuild my life. I found this property at auction and spent nearly every cent I had (courts love women when it comes to divorce - I lost virtually everything - I even had to cash in my retirement (the 1/2 she didn't get)) to purchase it. I have a lot of work to do but the property is perfect for me with the one exception of the inability to connect to the rest of the world - most notably, my 9 year old son. He is my world (and I am his). As soon as I get coverage, I will be adding a line for him so that we can stay connected. Simply put, PLEASE HELP!!!
Dale Lumbra
PO Box 213
Newbury NH 03255

Physical Address:
331 Old Post Rd
Newbury NH 03255

Well done, very nice job Dale! We received HUNDREDS of solicitations and requests from landlords and property owners who are trying to get a cell tower on their property. We are not a marketing company and we generally advise property owners to contact the tower companies or carriers on their own. We appreciate that you took the time to upload the images and provide details. We will post this and leave it up as a template for others on how to properly create a cut sheet for their properties. We suggest that you go directly to American Tower and Crown Castle (look for the Get A Cell Site button in the upper left corner of this website) and provide them the hyperlink to this page.

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Dec 21, 2014
Any takers?
by: Anonymous

You should contact SBA, Crown and American Towers.

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