I'm Tired of these Bullies

by Deb

I have a cell tower on my property for the past 6 years at $1,500 per month with an increase of 3% per year from T-Mobile. It has been working out well, but now I feel I am in shark infested waters. Unison has been relentless even though I have been being harassed with countless phone calls by the one salesperson. I have asked him to stop calling....so now I just don't answer (Thank God for caller ID). He even invited himself over and when I told him not to bother he still came over ( I know, I know...I should have called police). He is threatening me that my tower will go away unless Unison protects me with 135k for my lease.

I have crunched numbers and talked with my lawyer who say the number is way too low. I have done extensive research on towers disappearing in this area, in this state, and then went nationwide.....NOTHING!

MD7 is sending threatening letters and went so far as to contact my attorney who told them where to go....but the letters keep coming.

T-Mobile is doing some underground cables on my property (with my consent and knowledge due to an unreasonable neighbor). Why would they go through all the expense of putting underground cables to terminate?....it doesn't make sense. I was told more permits are needed to remove a tower and are more expensive to have the tower removed than to put it up. It would take more money than they are paying me to remove everything including the slabs that run several feet below the site.

Even if I consented to Unison or MD7 ( which I won't), wouldn't it cost more to remove the tower to consolidate to another tower? Should I be worried about the tower going away? I am in a popular and heavily populated area and my gut says to ignore them all. What do I do to get rid of them?

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Jun 20, 2017
by: Anonymous

Are you f+++ing kidding me!! Oh poor you! You are lucky you aren't seriously ill or dead from being that close to a cell tower! Shame on you for making all of the people in a HUGE radius around your tower sick! I don't feel sorry for you. I wish you could feel what the radiation feels like that is coming off that SOB! I live about a mile away from one and my family and I have had all kinds of health problems from it. We can't even go outside without feeling sick. It killed 2 of my horses and my dog with tumors and digestive problems. I bought my property and built my home before the cell tower went in. Did anyone ask how I felt about it first? NO! It invades my house, my property and our bodies every moment of everyday we are home. Then to go into town where all the dip shits out there have put towers everywhere and have made it painful and dangerous to all of us, especially our children, to go just about anywhere! Smart meters, smart toys, smart anything is painful NOT smart! WIFI in the schools, cell towers where children learn and play... WTF is wrong with people?? Aireplanes are excruciating! Laptops and cell phones should be banned on all planes, in all public places and wifi should not be blasted anywhere!! I sure as hell don't want to go to any public place without them asking my permission before blasting their free microwave radiation at me and my family! Who gave anyone the right to do that to a person??? I say remove them all and get your stupid heads out of your phones and your wifi devices and live real life!!! I would like mine back! Karma is a bitch and I'm sure you will meet her soon by causing so many people and animals pain around your cell tower. Maybe you will be blessed to feel the radiation as pleasantly as I do! FU

Editor's Note: Somebody needs their medical marijuana prescription refilled?

Jun 06, 2016
$1500 per month for a ground lease is a good rent
by: Ken

The reason that you are getting calls about reducing the rent is because you are getting a good rent for a ground lease. I have been leasing land for cell towers for 16 years as a contractor for the big 4 and only once have I paid more than $1500 per month. And, with all due respects to your attorney, attorney always claim to know more about the so called "market" for cell towers than they know. There is no market for cell tower leases.

The number of cell sites in the country is going down due to mergers and new technology which allows the towers to cover a larger geographic area. If you are still getting $1500 per month thank your lucky stars

Oct 19, 2010
Deb important information
by: Steve

Deb, remember, real cell tower infrastructure experts don't drive Mercedes' they drive 4x4's.

Oct 08, 2010
Dealing with Rent Reduction, Rent Guarantee Proposals and Lease Optimization Renegotiations
by: Tower Genius

Deb, a few years ago it would have been enough to tell these firms to go pound salt. But that is no longer the case. You are correct in that they are relentless and persistent.

Take mold and mildew for instance. You can wipe it off but it keeps coming back unless you treat it properly with bleach. Your feelings about the cell towers not being decommissioned in your area may be correct but you should really take the next step in having an independent wireless expert provide you with the data you need regarding your specific tower location so you can protect the value of your cell site leases.

Tower Genius provides wireless landlords with a comprehensive analysis of their cellular site that will leave the wireless wiseguys who keep calling you, scratching their heads.

We also take it a step further with our clients and engage these "Lease Optimization" firms and make the calls stop.

Oct 08, 2010
Thank You
by: Deb

Thank you for some direction in the area of buyout. I like the way things are structured in the agreement and I have complete control. I am not interested in the offer or any offer for buyout.

I feel towers are not being decommissioned in this area as I have been looking around and researching and do not see towers coming down....at least at this time.

Unison relentlessly tells me that "if I do not give into them, they will go down the street and buyout my neighbors tower which means my tower will come down for sure and t-mobile will be put on my neighbors existing tower."

MD7 is making the same threat via letters.
If I sell the rights, I will have to sell my properties in 3 years instead of 8.

I think when cell towers come looking for space they should have a warning that buyout companies are out there waiting to prey on the unsuspecting!!

Oct 06, 2010
Black Dot and MD7
by: Marshall

NO ONE would be offering you $135K for your site if they really thought it was going away. The only people who would consider buying your site lease do believe that the site will remain for a long time. That's why if you have a Nextel (Sprint) site, they will offer you less money (or no money) than if you have a Verizon site. Sites are not going 1/4 mile down the road. There are a few good reasons. Getting permits to build site nationwide is getting more and more difficult. Protests at city planning hearings are becoming commonplace to block the construction of new towers. Some cities (like Hempstead, NY) have recently enacting zoning restrictions that limit the development of new towers in 95% of the city's land area. And, cellular carriers are struggling to keep up with the demand for new tower coverage and new bandwidth. You can bet that they are not wasting their time rebuilding stable, productive cell towers. Is there a chance your tower will go away? Certainly, but it's not likely. Sell your tower lease for financial (not fear) reasons.

Oct 06, 2010
Unison and Md7
by: Steve

Deb, I can't blame the guy from Unison for trying but sounds like it is borderline annoying but probably not harassment. Unison is a reputable and established cell tower lease buyout and management firm, albeit their aggressive sales force and marketing blitzes can be a turn-off for some tower landlords.

Fortunately, if you really need to sell your tower lease and are still considering a buyout after all this, we can help. But first things first, you need to sort out the T-Mobile and Md7 problem before you do anything.

Three or four years ago I would have told you to tell them to pound salt and send them a love letter. However in this economy things have changed, and tower companies will literally low-ball other landlords at alternate sites to see if they can save money over the long term by decommissioning your cell tower and moving it a quarter mile down the road.

We can help you to analyze the risk and then hopefully resolve the rent reduction threats for good.

Please call us tomorrow at Tower Genius 888-313-9750. Thanks!

Oct 05, 2010
Dealing with the wireless wiseguys
by: Tower Genius

Deb, we feel your pain and frustration. We will talk to you tomorrow to see how we can help you fix the situation.

Relax and have a soothing cup of chamomile tea, that usually works.

Tower Genius 888-313-9750

SK :-)

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