An Odd Antenna

by Derek

Possibly a repeater of some kind. I don't think it's cellular but I thought it was interesting enough to share. It sits on a corner of the Lambton Mall right above a cell phone store. Located in Sarnia, Ontario.

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Mar 06, 2011
Unknown Antenna
by: Derek

I'm not sure if it is necessarily for a specific carrier. The cell phone store it is above is called Wireless Wave. They sell phones for Rogers Wireless and Fido (owned by Rogers), as well as Bell Mobility and Solo (owned by Bell) and Virgin Mobile which operates under the Bell network in Canada. I know for sure that neither of the listed carriers would have something like this personally installed, the setup itself looks a little unprofessional. I'm thinking something home-made by the store itself.

As for the pics, I'll keep digging more up from my files when I have the chance. Once this crappy winter weather goes away, I'll be out shooting some sweet new cell sites. I already have a interesting ones in mind.....stay tuned!

Mar 06, 2011
Unknown antenna.
by: Kevin - Tower Genius

This one could be a rerad antenna to improve coverage in the area for a specific carrier. They may have the equipment cabinet in their rental space. This is done when a carrier has a week signal but they want to sell phones... customers get upset if they can't use their phones when walking into the parking lot after they buy them. I would have to be closer to it to be sure.

Derek keep the pictures coming and stay away from "New York Fries" in the mall.... that stuff will kill you. That chain was started in Canada after two brothers visited the New York Seaport and discovered a guy with a cart selling fries in that style. I used to see that vendor all the time and it brought back some memories of my youth in NY. Thanks again.

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