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Sep 30, 2015


We are currently in negotiations with Verizon for cell tower placement on our land. We have a 17 acre piece of property. We plan on living there with our

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Sep 30, 2015

Sprint and Cell on Wheels rental

Currently sprint has an antenna upon a water tower on the property owned by my company in Massachusetts. They have been renting that right for quite some

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Sep 30, 2015

Sale Of SBA Cell Tower

I have an SBA Cell Tower on my property. I sold the lease rights until November 2022. At that time the lease will be 5 years, with 10 5 year options.

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Sep 30, 2015

buyout offers

I have been contacted by other companies with buyout offers. I need some recommendations for Indiana attorneys with experience in this field.

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Sep 19, 2015

Utah Mountains

We are thinking of buying some land in the Utah mountains but in order to run my business there, we need Internet and cell usage. I have no idea how this

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Sep 17, 2015

Tower rent

We have had a cell tower for twenty years on our property it is now owned by SBA. They have added a couple buildings and several new and different antenaes.

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Sep 17, 2015

Piggyback carrier income sharing

I have a lease with AT&T. AT&T wants to add another carrier to the tower on my property and has offered to pay 15% of the rental it receives from the

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Sep 17, 2015

AT&T or Sprint

When people with AT&T or other cellular companies visit us (excluding US Cellular or Verizon) they have no service. We have 20 acres and a PGE tower that

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Sep 17, 2015

Another company offering to buy lease

Hello, If there is a tower on your land leased by Rogers (with a clause stating you must extend the lease until 2030) and AT&T has approached you asking

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Sep 17, 2015

American Tower lease

I have a lease with American Tower that was originally a Verizon cell tower and was bought out by American Tower Corporation. The tower is located on

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Sep 15, 2015

Pay rate

Do the monthly payments rate of a wireless communications, depends on the square footage or height?

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Sep 15, 2015

The company that holds a lease on a rural tower site want to purchase the site and get a perpetual easement

Why do they want to buy the property, the lease goes for 7 more years and then renewable every 5 years till 2037.

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Sep 15, 2015

Metro PCS Termination Letter - ALERT

Following the T-Mobile merger with Metro PCS, roughly 90% of Metro PCS cell sites are in the process of being decommissioned. From what we have seen,

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Sep 08, 2015

Metro PCS Cell Tower Lease Assistance

Metro PCS Cell Tower Lease Review and Negotiation

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Aug 28, 2015

who is getting my checks for tower

Sold tower payment for 15 years. 15 years is up and not getting my checks. Who is sprint sending the checks to?

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Aug 28, 2015

Nextel stopped paying

Crown Castle stopped paying Us Nextel ground lease and telling us we owed overpayments to us of $8000., as Nextel had quit paying them but they continued

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Aug 28, 2015

Tower put on wrong property

My mom owns property that has a tower on it. The man that owns property adjoining my moms property put a tower up. He thought he put it on his property

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Aug 28, 2015

Cell tower equipment

Greetings, I have a cricket tower site on top of the building they want to end the lease and give the option of leaving the equipment and paying some

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Aug 28, 2015

Rates in Frederick, MD

Given your knowledge of the market, could you give me a market range for monthly cell tower lease payments for 3,000 to 5,000 square feet, in or around

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Aug 28, 2015

Lease rates in SF

What is the rate for rental on roof for antenna - commercial building.

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Aug 13, 2015

Low ball offer from a cell tower lease buyer.

Do cell tower lease buyers think that landlords are stupid and can't find out what these cell site leases are worth? I don't really have a question. Just

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Aug 12, 2015

Lease Extension by American Tower

I had a lease with Verizon for a tower site on my land. It is a 30 year lease with 24 years remaining. It was purchased recently by American Tower. Today

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Aug 12, 2015

we have a hundred foot by a hundred foot lease and they pay us 450 .00 a month

Now they want to lease it forever for 5 thousand upfront and 750.00 month for 10 years and 30 to us and at the end of ten years should I do it.

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Aug 12, 2015

Verizon cell tower on residential building

How much income would a cell tower generate for a residential 9 story apartment building? Thank you.

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Aug 12, 2015

American Tower taxes

American Tower purchased 2500 square feet of the property we are currently purchasing. We have been paying the taxes on this property for over 3-4 years,

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Aug 12, 2015

New Lease on Existing American Tower Agreement

How much is it worth? In 21st year of 30 year lease on site at Saint Johns, MI. Wish to renegotiate new 20 lease.

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Aug 12, 2015

Verizon cell tower. Buyout cash offer from American Tower

Our Verizon tower is now a part of American Tower. They offered us a cash payment. The lease expires in less than ten years. There is another wireless

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Aug 12, 2015

I have an AT&T tower that's managed by American Tower

Should I hold out for more money?

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Jul 30, 2015

whats an easement on my property worth?

I have been contacted by a Verizon person that does cell tower start ups/leases. The proposed site is actually right next door to my property. I have been

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Jul 30, 2015

Lease ending, not being renewed

I have had a Cricket lease for the past 15 years and as expected after the AT&T acquisition, was just recently notified they will not be renewing the lease

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Jul 30, 2015

Finding Lease Owner

How can I find out who signed an AT&T contract to erect a cell tower in a neighboring town? Are these records public? I have heard there's an alleged conflict

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Jul 30, 2015

Wind turbine tower

I have a 140 foot tower for a wind turbine on my farm. Will/can cellular companies install on my tower?

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Jul 23, 2015

Someone put a cell tower on my empty lot without my consent

How do I find out who is getting paid - they are not sending me any money.

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Jul 23, 2015

I get $484.00 per month for cell tower lease

Several years ago I bought property that has a cell tower. SBT owns the tower and they pay me $484.00 per month. We have a 5 year lease that has been

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Jul 23, 2015

Cell site in Auburn California

I have land in Placer County California. Zoned for Public Utilities use. I want to hear more about leasing to a cell tower. I have attached a page from

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Jul 13, 2015

old cell tower site

We have a LG&E electrical tower on our church property. About 10 years ago Sprint asked permission to travel across our property and install cell phone

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Jul 07, 2015

Update has too when the tower will be installed

This is Tangier Shriners in Omaha, Ne. at 2823 South 84th Street and we signed a contract in Jan of 2015 to have a tower installed on our location. I

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Jul 01, 2015


We have two towers currently located on our property in Mylor, South Australia. One with Telstra, the other with Optus, who recently upgraded and sub let

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Jul 01, 2015

Verizon cell tower on property

We ( brother and me) have been approached about putting a Verizon cell tower on the back of a tract of land we currently have on market that would sell

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Jul 01, 2015

Buying land with two established towers

I want to buy 94 acres with two established towers that are within 1/4 mile of interstate 44 in Lebanon, MO. Population of the city is 14,000. The lost

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Jul 01, 2015

Interest in Leasing

Hello, My Church has a sizeable lot in the north Scottsdale area. We are interested in seeing if our location is desirable to anybody wanting to lease

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Jul 01, 2015

Carrier antennas located out of leased space

We bought a property with cell tower lease already intact. We discovered carrier has 2 antennas that are located outside of the leased space. They immediately

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Jul 01, 2015

Cell tower lease rates In Montana

Had a cell tower builder recently approach me about leasing some land, approximately 100x100 ft to build a 200 ft cell tower, and they said the site was

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Jul 01, 2015

Lease extension

Can you tell me what the rate should be on my tower? I have been contacted by american tower for lease extension of my verizon tower. I would like to know

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Jul 01, 2015

Lease to American Tower

I'm leasing to Verzion now, and American wants to buy or re lease from me , Others have offered to buy this from me in the past but I didn't

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Jul 01, 2015

We signed a lease.....

We signed a lease with a company that reps AT&T, plans have been approved but now are told not sure if AT&T is moving forward. What are our options?

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Jun 16, 2015

I have a cell tower on my property.

I have a cell tower on my property. When the lease came to near the end...I was bombarded with great offers. I almost signed, but did not like the terms

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Jun 11, 2015

Sprint in violation of lease agreement

Hello, and thank you for trying to answer my question. We are currently 2 1/2 years into a 5 year lease agreement with Sprint for a cell tower on our property.

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Jun 11, 2015

Breaking a lease

We have had a contract with Metro PCS for 6 years with 4 years left on the lease. They are now being bought out by T Mobile and want to break the lease.

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