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What's The Shocking Truth About Cell Tower Buyouts They NEVER Tell Landlords?

Cell tower lease buyouts can provide landlords with cellular tenants significant cash payouts. At the end of the day, everyone has their own reason why they may be looking to sell their cell site leases. The net present value of your cell tower lease will not equal what you could make long-term on the site, but selling your lease is truly the only way to hedge your risk. However, let the seller beware, you are now swimming in shark infested waters.

WARNING: Cell Tower Buyouts EXPOSED Shock Videos:

The following wireless industry videos contain shocking content which may be very disturbing to wireless landlords who have sold a cell tower lease without the proper guidance. (It may also be difficult to watch for wireless industry experts with weak consciences, questionable business ethics, or major conflicts of interest, especially the some of the so-called independent cell tower consulting experts, cell tower lease management sharks, lease-optimizing holy-rolling cellular industry bottom-feeders and slick talking wireless wiseguys who are busy shaking down clueless municipalities.)

Need Cash For Your Cell Tower Lease?

As is the case in any business where there is a large amount of money to be made quickly, such as in the case of selling cellular leases, there are boiler-room sales organizations and there are highly reputable firms offering cell tower buyouts. How can the average cell tower landlord separate the wheat from the chaff? Think of Airwave Management as your filter.

Some of these firms WILL literally rake you over the coals without the proper guidance. Make sure you don't get taken advantage of. Talk to Airwave Management about your cell site lease buyouts and call us at 888-313-9750 from anywhere in the USA.

Airwave Management is an independent NYC Metropolitan area based cell tower lease consulting firm founded by cellular leasing industry experts with nearly 40 years of combined cell tower site development experience. We talk to dozens of cell tower landlords every week, and regularly review tower buyout offers to help landlords understand these proposals and maximize their transactions if they have decided to sell. Our Principals have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Cranes, The New York Times and other major publications.

We can also help you with any technical or lease related questions you may have regarding your cell towers or cell sites.

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Don't Get Burned On A Cell Tower Lease Buyout.

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Are you a cell site landlord with a question or comment about selling or perhaps purchasing a cell tower lease? Have you been approached by a lease buyout company offering you a perpetual easement to purchase your cell site lease rental stream? This is not a blog for shameless self-promotion by industry sales reps. Although we appreciate your participation, if you work for a lease buyout company, this is not a place to toot your own horn or bash your competition. Please keep it informative and on topic. Thanks! Lets hear your question.

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monthly payment or lump sum 
Which is generally smarter...monthly or lump sum?

selling my property 
I was offered a buyer for our property and includes a cell tower , what kind of offer should i include in the sell for the tower being in my property. …

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