Cell Tower Leases:
Don't Get Burned in 2015

By Steve Kazella
Need help with your wireless lease? Negotiating cell tower leases, maximizing cell site leasing values and providing solutions to complex carrier problems is what we do for cell site landlords in the USA. Unfortunately, for property owners, a wireless landlord's biggest obstacle to achieving success when negotiating with cellular carriers or the cell tower companies is finding the right information to achieve the desired outcome. Hiring a wireless industry expert or advisor that is knowledgeable, experienced, truly independent and has no conflicts of interest is nearly impossible. Getting cell phone tower leases reviewed by a professional can also be a very expensive proposition. If you are not careful in dealing with the carriers and cell tower companies, you may easily get BURNED on your cell site rental agreement. If you need to talk to a cell tower expert about your lease, landlords and property owners, look no further. AirWave Management, with nearly 40 years of combined cellular leasing and tower development experience makes dealing with the cellular carriers painless, EASY and ridiculously affordable. We are the nation's premier independent cell site leasing experts and advisors, and we would like to speak to you about your particular scenario. And based on the frequent love letters and communications we receive from various multi-billion dollar publicly traded household names in the Wireless Industry, we must be doing something right.


Landlords, here's an alarming figure. At least 25% of all cell site leases and rooftop cell sites are non-compliant with their carrier lease agreements! Ever wonder what those carrier contractors are doing on your rooftop? What equipment are they swapping in or out? To learn more about this shocking statistic and what landlords and property owners can do to make the carriers lease compliant, please visit our cell tower valuation and cell site audit page. You can potentially add thousands of dollars per year to your current rental stream.

We Assist Property Owners, Landlords and Municipalities With:

• Determine fair market value for cell site lease rates
• Cell site 4G LTE upgrades and modifications
• Rooftop Cellular Site Audit
• Rooftop cellular site lease review
• Assessment and negotiation of all cell site leases
• Cell phone tower ground lease negotiations
• Rooftop cell tower lease negotiations
• Cell site lease amendments
• Cellular tower co-locations
• Expiring cellular tower lease renewals
• Cellular tower lease valuations
• Cell tower lease buyout negotiations
• Assessment of cellular lease buyout offers
• Assistance with cellular lease “Rent Reduction” solicitations
• Cell site lease management and administration
• Cell tower lease bids for municipalities
• Tower buyout purchase bids for municipal cell site leases
• Evaluation of MD7 & Black Dot Wireless cell site “Lease Optimization” proposals
• Solutions for complex cell tower leasing issues

Talk to the Cell Site Leasing Experts at AirWave Today!
Call us Monday to Friday between 8AM and 6PM Eastern Standard Time from all 50 States. We take the pain out of reviewing and negotiating cell tower leases.

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What our landlord clients had to say...

"A breath of fresh air." -- Building owner

"You guys ROCK! " -- Arena owner

"You added a level of depth that my attorney simply could never provide." -- Landlord

"When negotiating my cell site lease, it really helped having telecom Pit Bulls like you on our side to deal with the Wireless Wiseguys." -- Property owner

Who Needs Our Cellular Phone Tower Lease Consulting Services?

• Landlords and real estate attorneys, do you need a cell phone tower lease reviewed in 24 hours or less?

• Reviewing a cell tower lease and are you clueless about local rates and fair market value?

• Need to maximize the value of your proposed cellular tower lease?

• Are you a municipality requiring expert guidance on cell tower development and related cell site leasing matters on town owned properties?

• Not sure if the rental offer or leasing terms that you got from a cellular carrier are fair?

• Has the cell tower site acquisition representative given you a low-ball offer that you feel is below fair market value?

• Is your cell site lease expiring?

• Do you need a cell phone tower leasing expert to negotiate your cell tower lease buyout on your behalf?

• Are you purchasing a building or property in foreclosure and have questions about existing cellular ground leases or rooftop antenna leases that are already in place on the site?

My name is Steve Kazella, President of AirWave Management, and we hopefully are a breath of fresh air for cell tower landlords who are frustrated in finding knowledgeable and honest guidance in the wireless leasing industry.

We are a leading Cellular Tower Lease Consulting firm serving landlords and property owners throughout the United States, based in the New York City Metropolitan Area. We founded AirWave Management in 2008, because we were fed up with the lopsided playing field that the cellular carriers had created for landlords, primarily by allowing outrageously deceptive business practices currently being utilized by many carrier subcontractors trying to convince cell tower landlords to re-negotiate, restructure or sell their cellular antenna leases based on scare tactics.

Can You Answer "YES" to Any of the Following Questions?

• Have you been approached by a cellular carrier or real estate site acquisition or leasing agent about your property or rooftop and is your gut telling you they are low-balling you on the cellular site lease's rental terms?

• Are you currently negotiating a cell phone tower lease from Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T, US Cellular, Sprint, Crown Castle, American Tower, SBA Communications, Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, or Bell Mobility and are frustrated with their legalese?

• Have you been contacted by a Cell Tower Broker, Wireless Hedge Fund or Cell Tower Buyout Lease Management Firm to sell your cell tower lease and need the lease buyout offer analyzed or get a second opinion or better pricing options?

• Have you received letters or solicitations from companies like Black Dot or Md7 to convert or adjust the terms of your cellular tower lease which would reduce your rental payments on an existing cell site lease and need assistance in negotiating cell tower leases directly with them?

If you answered "YES", Contact AirWave Management Today and speak to a cell tower leasing expert.

Our cellular tower leasing specialists will help you cut through the confusion, level the playing field with the carriers, protect you from property tax increases and most importantly maximize your cellular rental revenues and overall profitability of your cell site.

Reviewing and negotiating cellular tower leases calls for a specialist, a cell tower lease consultant with a track record of success and integrity. Airwave's Partners have four decades combined experience reviewing and negotiating cell phone tower leases and are the experts you should consider hiring to guide you through the cell tower leasing process.

AirWave Management looks forward to being the cellular tower lease expert you turn to. We hope to hear from you soon. Please fill out our contact form on this website for immediate assistance.

Does Your Municipality need Cell Tower Lease Consulting Services?

Our Cellular Site Consultants Review and Negotiate Cell Tower Leases for Property Owners and Landlords in all 50 States and Canadian Provinces.

Please bookmark our website and call us today.

Many thanks!

Steve Kazella, President
Airwave Management
Cell Tower Leasing Experts and Consultants for Landlords in the USA and Canada
Airwave Management, Advisors to cell site landlords since 2008.

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