Verizon wants to lower the payment Amount.

by Forrest
(Abilene, Texas)

I have a 7 acre tract that Verizon has leased for a Cell
Tower site in Galveston County ,Texas. The lease is for 6 ,5 year terms.It started in 2007. The lease payment is $1100.00 per month plus 3% per month.
I have been notified by Verizon that they want to stop
the contract and start a new 5 yr contract with a payment of $875.00 per month.
Verizon's last Quarter profits are $460 ++ Billions.
I have lived up to my word and agreement,and would like to talk to other Cell Tower Companies.

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Jun 17, 2011
Forrest we love Verizon Wireless too,
by: Airwave

So Verizon Wireless want to lower your cell tower lease's month rental by 20%? Their definition of financial hardship is not the same as yours I am sure.

Look, one of the reasons we founded Airwave Management was because we were sick and tired of how the carriers were bullying the landlords in many cases. Like an airplane needs two balanced wings to fly, a cell site needs to have a fair balance as well, and that means the landlord is just as important as their newest LTE technology.

Can you imagine the smart people at Verizon Wireless had no foresight about what their costs would be in 2011 back in 2007 when this tower was turned on air? DUH.

Forrest, we provide property owners with a comprehensive, easy to understand report, detailing the RF (radio frequency) and technical aspects of your site, and the business side of the equation. If is ridiculously affordable and will help you to understand if a rent reduction is justified or just a futile attempt of a former C-student at Verizon Wireless hoping to make Vice President by giving a property owner the Royal Shaft.

Please call us at 888-313-9750 to discuss or fill out a Contact Form on this site.


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