Tillman infrastructure, LLC wants to put cell tower on my property

by Holly
(Rosebud, Texas)

Tillman infrastructure wants to put a cell tower on my property leasing a 100' x 100' area and pay me 500$ monthly for 10 years initially and then with an 8 additional 5-year renewal terms. Is this the most money that I can get for this deal?

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Jun 20, 2017
A Rent from the Early Days
by: Anonymous

That's a terrible deal. Tillman is working for AT&T to find alternate sites so they can move from high rent towers owned by Crown and American. Does anyone besides me think they are an arm of ATT?

Mar 30, 2017
If you want in the tower business then start building towers
by: Anonymous

The $500-$700 range is average unless you are in an urban area and space is limited or zoning laws limit where a tower can go. I have done tower development in 6 states for over 19 years. Like other comments above, a tower may just go in next to you and now you get nothing and still look at it for years.

The best bet is to stay on the lower end and ask for fixed rate bumps when new users come on the tower.

a 100x100 space is less than 1 quarter of an acre. Weigh what else can give you $6K a year for no effort on your part. Annual escalators for the most part are also a think of the past.

Reduce the 1st term to 5 years and take the 5 - 6% per term. Again where else can you get a guaranteed rental increase.

I try no to approach the folks who have little land or land where a tower would make there uses on the property troublesome.

The way I think of it, it is found money.

But always do what is right for your situation.

Mar 02, 2017
Sounds like you work for Tillman
by: Anonymous

More people have heard of Tillman on this website than ever heard of Tillman before. LOL.

Feb 24, 2017
Professional opinion on RENT
by: Anonymous

A $1000 a month typically will not happen.

Counties are charging high taxes for these towers. It is not uncommon to see $400 a month in taxes. Throw in $250 for electricity on a lighting kit, monitoring, and insurance. At $500 a month you are up to $1150 in reoccurring cost. A provider will pay $1500-$1800 per month ($1650 average). As you can see you have a $500 balance AND STILL HAVE TO BUILD A $150,000.00 plus structure.

My recommendation if you want the tower, go easy on the front end rent. Stay with $500-$550. Make sure they build a 4 carrier plus tower (a provision in the lease) and then request an additional $250 for every other provider that collocates on the tower.

Make yourself a partner in the tower. If it gets four carriers you will be making $1250 a month. No tower owner would mind paying $1250 a month in ground rent for a four carrier tower.

Feb 23, 2017
Take it
by: Anonymous

You don't discribe where your land is or how many towers are in your area. I live in rural Missouri, someone made me an offer like that and I would laugh all the way to the bank.

Jan 09, 2017
You may end up seeing it for 50 years.
by: Anonymous

And having it right next door. And never seeing a dime.

Best advise, negotiate a little higher, but they'll never go to $1000 per month unless you're inner city somewhere. Remember your next door neighbor may want the money more than you and you'll still have a cell tower next to you.

Jan 06, 2017
not enough money
by: Anonymous

you can get double that amount. Also make sure you get annual increases.

Jan 02, 2017
Not a good deal
by: Stephen

Term is too long and rent is too low.

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