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We Buy Ugly Towers, maybe our hashtag #WeBuyUglyTowers is not trending yet on Twitter, but it should be. Folks, this is big news. The Owners and Partners of Tower Genius LLC have been assisting cell tower landlords since 2008 with all matters relating to cell tower lease consulting,  cell tower lease reviews, cell tower negotiations and providing guidance to cell tower landlords that have been offered cell tower lease buyouts on their existing cell tower leases and rooftop cell site leases. Over the years we have seen thousands of telecom lease purchase offers cross our desks and have advised countless telecom lease rental stream offer recipients, and have made hundreds of recommendations to cell tower landlords who eventually sold the rights to their cell tower lease rent rolls. 

Tower Genius will continue to serve as advisors to telecom lease landlords, but now we also purchase and invest in cell tower leases and cell site lease cash flows. We just launched our newest sister website, We-Buy-Ugly-Towers.com and newest Tower Lease Buyout Toll Free Number, 844-99-BUYER.  And remember... "We Buy Ugly Towers" is a catch phrase that shouldn't be take literally. So the nice folks at American Tower, Crown Castle and SBA Communications should not lose sleep at night. We just buy the lease rental streams.  We are not into buying somebody else's steel. Hopefully we buy ugly towers won't trigger anybody who thinks it is unfair of us to label the cell tower on their property as ugly without getting to know it better, and judging it based on superficial aesthetics.  Being sensitive to the many cell tower landlords, especially those from California reading our website, we are now in the process of transitioning from being the leading cell tower lease advisor in the USA to cell tower lease buyer and cell tower lease investor. And people are starting to take notice. 

"We Buy Ugly Towers"
Actually, We Just Buy Lease Cash Flow.

Cash for Cell Towers isn't the same deal as other great programs like Cash for Junkers or cash for your old tooth fillings. We are serious cell tower lease rental stream investors, and we love to purchases the underlying leases of ugly cell towers and rooftop cellular antennas site. Having worked on the consulting side of the business for just short of a decade now, we have become extremely familiar with the wireless telecommunications financial sub-industry of cell tower lease perpetual easement buyout offers. Since we buy ugly towers and consult for landlords, we know who the players are, we know how they operate, we know their tactics, we know how much they pay, we know how they get paid, we know their ins and outs. We also know how the cell tower carriers and cell tower management companies operate to protect their infrastructure assets from being held hostage by these Rogue third party financial companies that disguise themselves as "telecom consulting and management firms" to the detriment of cell tower landlords.

We know how to deliver the maximum value and bang for your buck if you have decided it is time to cash in your chips, monetize and maximize your cell tower lease rental stream's net present value (NPV). 

Tower Genius May Want To Purchase Your Ugly Cell Tower's Rental Revenue Stream.

We look at every cell tower and cell site individually. We are quite selective and cherry pick the deals that we are interested in purchasing. If we pass on your site, it doesn't mean that it's not a good cell site or a desirable cell tower location, it just is not in our sweet spot. We will still help you and make recommendations or extending your lease agreement, negotiation better business terms, or point you in the direction of a reputable cell tower broker or buyer that may still be very interested in your site. And we will also point you away from the lunatic fringe of the wireless telecommunication lease buyout industry and financial pundits

But wait, there's more...


(Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of this page, here is some free bonus content that can put cash in your pocket.... We are looking for wireless industry bird dogs to bring us deals and for our everyday readers to brings us deals in response to our We Buy Ugly Towers promotion.)

You Can Start By Posting Your Ugliest Cell Tower Picture and Entering Our Ongoing

Cell towers are everywhere. And we know cell towers are ugly. And some cell towers are so ugly that they look like they fell of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. But they are a necessary ugly that improve our quality of life. So if you have a smart phone, and see a real "beauty" of a cell tower, snap a photo of it, and uploaded it to our Ugly Cell Tower Photo Blog. You can upload up to 3 ugly cell towers at once. While you are there, obtain the address and or site number of the cell tower. If it's a building please provide the address, and cell towers usually have an FCC Warning Sign or Tower Management Company sign on them. Please include the location of the site in your post. When you post the picture on our site please include your email address. We moderate every post and we will not publish your email, but if we are able to purchase the cell tower lease from the lead that you provide, Tower Genius Will Send You a Industry Leading Commission Check for Every Cell Tower Lease Or Cell Site Lease That We Purchase, as Part of OuWe Buy Ugly Towers Promotion.



We Want To Talk To:

  • Cell Tower Landlords With Friends Who Have Lease
  • Friends and Relatives of Cell Tower Landlords
  • Part-Time Entrepreneurs
  • College Students Needing Beer Money
  • Former Wireless Infrastructure Industry Workers
  • Ex- Cell Site Lease Buyout Consultants
  • Former Wireless Industry RF Engineers
  • Former Cell Tower Site Acquisition Consultants
  • Cell Tower Technicians
  • Cell Tower Climbers (world's most insane career - you guys and gals are nuts)
  • Former Cell Tower Construction Managers
  • Former Cell Tower Permitting Managers
  • Cell Tower Maintenance Service Providers

All leads submitted to us are 100% confidential and protected.

We buy ugly towers and we pay for solid telecom lease buyout referrals. Former Cell Tower Lease Buyout Acquisition Sales Representatives, Former Carrier RF Engineers, and Cell Tower Carrier and Cell Tower Management Site Acquisition Representatives, this is a great way for you to help some of your former landlord contacts and potentially put a few dollars in your pocket.  We will pay you a significant finder's fee for every lead that you provide us with, that we end up purchasing on a single cell tower site basis. This finder's fee is on a per lease basis, and you will be required to fill out the appropriate tax forms for us to compensate you. 

Also another secret about the lease buyout industry, is the "lease buyout consultants" that make 50 to 100 telemarketing phone calls per day are not "farming" certain cities and  metropolitan areas. The next time you are driving around your neighborhood on a Saturday, start paying attention to where the cell towers are located. If you are an entrepreneur and would like to work with Tower Genius on a higher level than being a bird dog for us,  and you have the ability to present us with multiple cell tower lease deals to purchase, we would like to talk to you. Please reach out to us in confidence to sell your cell tower lease.  Did I mention that we buy ugly towers (rather their leases) in all 50 states?

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