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Have you been contacted about a Sprint Nextel Cell Tower Lease? When Sprint PCS merged with Nextel they essentially put their build program on hold. Now, rumor has it, that in 2015 we can expect Sprint will be leasing and building new cellular sites to expand coverage and capacity, especially in their 4th generation 4G / LTE platform. The Sprint Nextel lease is the easiest to read in layman’s terms – especially when compared to Verizon's or T-Mobile's leases, but don't make the mistake of having another set of eyes review the Sprint Nextel lease.

Sprint’s PCS frequency also happens to lend itself to the need for greater cell density, fueling the need for more cell sites. With additional cell sites come additional cell tower leases. We can expect to see Sprint leasing a large number of rooftop wireless communication sites and co-locating on existing cell tower locations where space is available.

Site Acquisition  Consultants who wind up getting the new Sprint Nextel work will be hungry and motivated to bring in new leases to prove themselves to the carrier and secure future contracts. Therefore it goes without saying that they will be looking to turn around leases fairly quickly. They will go to the sites where they know they can  get  a quick lease, and make their money fast.

If you are approached by Sprint for a ground lease or rooftop lease, we hope that you contact AirWave Management to review and negotiate your cell tower leases.  Additionally, if you are contacted by a 3rd party about industry consolidation and re-negotiating or "optimizing" your Sprint Nextel agreement, we urge you to get in touch with us.

Contact us for Sprint Nextel Cell Tower Lease Assistance.

AirWave Management is neither an agent, sub-agent, re-seller, contractor or sub-contractor for Sprint PCS or any other wireless carrier. We are an independent wireless telecommunications consulting firm that provides property owners with wireless lease review and negotiation services. If you need to contact the carrier directly please visit their website.

Airwave Management can help you with your Sprint cell site lease negotiation.

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