Clearwire Lease Review & Negotiation

Need Clearwire leasing assistance? Tower Genius provides Clearwire lease review and lease negotiation services for building owners who have been contacted by real estate site acquisition representatives of Clearwire Communications to lease rooftop space for the deployment cellular antennas which provide 4G coverage for Clearwire’s mobile internet subscribers.

Are you confused about the value of Clearwire tower leases vs. traditional cell site leases?  If you've been contacted about your rooftop, timing is everything. They are very aggressive in acquiring rooftop leases. If you don't respond quickly or your attorney comes back to the carrier with outrageous comments, you literally will be looking at the Clearwire antennas while building owner next door or across the street from you collects thousands of dollars every month for the next twenty-five years. You need to contact a Clearwire leasing expert.

Got Rooftop Space?

What is Clearwire wireless 4G technology?  Imagine a Wi-Fi hotspot at Starbucks that works for several city blocks at broadband speed. Clearwire sells CLEAR 4G mobile internet plans for individual and corporate subscribers providing high-speed internet access wirelessly, via laptop computers, without the hassles of having to find a Wi-Fi hotspot. Clearwire is aggressively leasing rooftop space (about 100 square feet 10'x 10') in high-traffic urban and suburban markets in about 100 major metropolitan areas across the United States. If you are a building owner, for all intensive purposes, treat Clearwire cell site lease as you would traditional rooftop cell tower leases. Landlords should be prepared to respond to the carrier agent with 24-72  hours of initial contact or they will likely go to a nearby rooftop location.

Clearwire Lease Rates

Landlords, attorneys and commercial property managers seem to have questions the difference in lease rates of a Clearwire 4G lease vs. regular rooftop mobile cell site lease rates.  A Clearwire rooftop 4G antenna installation covers a much smaller territory than a typical cellular carrier would cover on a cell tower or urban rooftop, rather they have engineered and designed their network to cover specific intersections and a few square blocks at a time. Their 4G mobile service requires greater coverage density than cellular carriers such as Sprint or Metro PCS. However, as the Mobile Phone and the Laptop Computer are getting harder and harder to tell apart (ie. the Apple iPad) these rooftop Clearwire installations are just as valuable as a cell tower lease, and have similar terms. Prices will vary however depending on what city your building is located in.

Contact Tower Genius about your Clearwire lease.

Tower Genius is neither an agent, sub-agent, re-seller, contractor or sub-contractor for Clearwire or any other wireless carrier. Tower Genius an independent wireless telecommunications consulting firm that provides property owners with wireless lease review and negotiation services. If you need to contact the Clearwire directly we have provided a link to their website by clicking on their logo graphic on top of this page.

Tower Genius looks forward to assisting landlords nationwide with Clearwire cell site lease negotiations.

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